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Download FIFA 2021 for PC and Android with a direct link

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Download FIFA 2021 for PC and Android with a direct link


Download FIFA 2021 for PC and Android with a direct link to the latest version, we will all learn about a football game. that many love and for which a legendary new mod has been released.


FIFA 21 is a game that works on Android phones without the Internet. This version comes with a very nice design and modification All the images that are in the icons of the game are from the Fifa 21 game, the version that has been leaked and all of those things have been modified on the Fifa 14 game, which is always the one that is being improved These mods have to be in this very beautiful way.


Download the latest FIFA FIFA 2021 game


Not only is this FIFA 21 game available on the latest transfer update, but also the new players ’clothes for the year 2021 are very beautiful

Fifa 21 competitions a lot, which is the Manahir Mode competition, as well as a large group of leagues, as well as cups, and also has friendly matches, penalty shooters, and a lot more.


Game Features and Benefits:


1. HD graphics and clear graphics

2. The interface has been modified with a new and different interface from the previous one

3. Transfers for 2021 have been modified

4. The crews have been modified with 2021 crews

5. The game contains many tournaments and leagues for teams and clubs

6. Weekly matches in the Game of the Wake

7. The ability to save goals up to 15 goals

8. High kick off matches

9. Many teams and clubs from different world leagues with official logos

10.Manager mode10. To create and develop your own highly efficient team

11., adjusting the time of the matches according to your hobby, from 2 half to

12. Adjusting the level according to what suits you from very easy to very difficult

13. Changing the control from classic buttons to the modern tuotsh system

14. Real graphics for players 2021

15.Ultimate team15 only works one game



To download the game for the computer


To download the game for Android from Mediafire