Download WhatsApp 2021 program with direct link, latest update

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Download WhatsApp 2021 program with direct link, latest update


Download the WhatsApp application for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for free from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. Download WhatsApp for all devices A new version Download whatsapp 2021 apk is the topic of the day, hello and welcome dear followers and visitors to the site jawakerr Today we talk about the best one of social communication And the most famous within smart phone applications, as it is used to chat with friends and relatives, send photos, videos, audio, geographical location, documents, and make free video calls, voice and picture in HD quality to anyone around the world.


The WhatsApp application is also one of the programs that are compatible with technological development because it offers various advantages and features, including text and voice conversations, adding new status, sending and receiving emojis, and WhatsApp has spread around people where it has exceeded one billion users and has become one of the most important programs on the Google Play Store for Android phones. And on the Apple Store for iPhone, if you want to contact a friend or family member through the Internet, you must download the new WhatsApp on his phone as it helps you in the process of sending and receiving and making international calls without paying fees or money.


It also provides many languages, including Arabic, English and a variety of languages, which makes the process of use easy and simple, does not require prior learning or experience, and the interface was designed by professionals in order to correspond with age groups and the download of the WhatsApp application remains the best always, in this article we explain My details on how to download the famous WhatsApp for Android and the most important new features that it obtained, all you have to do is follow the explanation in order to be aware of every part that can be used.


Download the latest version WhatsApp 2021 for Android, iPhone and computer


Download WhatsApp for iPhone and Android with the latest direct link for free. The WhatsApp application for all devices is the first ban in the field of communication and chatting as it specializes in conversations. Download WhatsApp Messenger, the latest version for messaging, photos, videos, audio and media. Founded in 2009 by Brian Acton, the American, and the Ukrainian Jan Kum, was bought by Facebook in 2014 for an estimated amount of $ 19 billion, after which WhatsApp spread and became more than 1.2 billion users around the world and supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones and synchronizes with the contacts on the phone without Facing a problem and is the fierce competitor for the Viber, Line, Imo>


 Tango program and others on the electronic stores. Downloading the new WhatsApp program for all types of phones is easy and light, does not take up space on the device’s memory and is available for various devices with high, medium and weak capabilities and provides the user’s needs in terms of the lock feature With a fingerprint, you can chat with your favorite person and send recorded voice messages, pictures, videos, or various emojis. It is also possible to add a message. A new device that contacts can see, control who can contact you, and take a backup copy of the chats that you make within the application.


The WhatsApp program supports systems and works on devices without facing problems. In this paragraph, we will review the various versions of the WhatsApp application, which is what follows.


WhatsApp for Android: The original version of the WhatsApp application for phones running on the Android system, including Huawei, Oppo, Galaxy, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, Honor and other phones that it supports free of charge and is available for obtaining it through the Google Play Market with one link The latest update for instant messaging, photos and videos for individuals Family and friends, sharing geographic location, and group chatting for a large group of friends without paying fees.


WhatsApp for iPhone program: WhatsApp application on IOS supports iPhone and iPad in order to enjoy chatting with your friends around the world and send SMS and animated stickers and talk with anyone completely freely and stay in constant contact with friends and share photos and documents without fear of privacy as the WhatsApp application is subject to encryption Both parties operate automatically and make the chat protected by an encryption lock.


WhatsApp Computer Program: There are several ways to be able to run WhatsApp on your computer, including the WhatsApp Web service that enables you to run WhatsApp from the Internet browser and sync to your account on it and then communicate with the contacts on the phone, and there is another method which is download WhatsApp and open it through the phone, in the event that you want WhatsApp on the laptop without the phone, you can do so easily by using WhatsApp, which we talked about in an article on it.


Features and features of WhatsApp for iPhone and Android download, latest version


The main screen: WhatsApp is characterized by a simple and easy user interface that contains a camera through which pictures can be taken in addition to a chat section that allows you to communicate with friends, family members, send and receive pictures, videos, documents, share your geographical location, emojis and animated shapes, and there is also the case which is sharing photos and videos And writing texts that express the mood that disappear automatically after 24 hours and determine who can see this state, as for the Calls tab, it is for making free voice and video calls to anyone who uses the WhatsApp program for his phone.


Conversations and chats: You can communicate with any of the contacts, write text messages, send recorded records, record a video, take pictures, share emojis and emojis, download stickers from the Internet, add any number to contacts, find out the media, documents and links that have been shared with this number and change the color.


Status feature: You can access the numbers that you have an account on WhatsApp by entering contacts and knowing the numbers that use WhatsApp, and you can also invite a friend so that you can see recent cases that are added to it and control your cases and determine who can view them from the contacts and change the background Status and in the font type and placing emoji for it as shown in the picture in front of you, you can see who has seen your case, but you should be aware that the cases disappear after 24 hours and can be shared via Facebook or another social media application.


Privacy and security settings: These settings include privacy where you determine who can see your personal information, such as the last appearance, view the profile picture, know the news, and determine who can see your cases. Also, allow the program to access the geographical location and analyze numbers you want to block so that no one can contact you and correspond with you In the latest update, WhatsApp is locked using a fingerprint so that no one can enter the conversations and chats you make, and to be safe, WhatsApp protects your conversations with a full encryption feature, so that the company cannot see your messages or know your calls.


Notifications and data settings: These settings control group and call tones, where you can tone conversations and notifications, control flashing, whether white or red, and show and preview notifications of high importance at the top of the screen. WhatsApp, and in the event that you encounter a problem, you can reset the settings and specialized notifications for your chats, the use of data and storage that allows you to know the network usage, internet consumption, and storage size for the contacts you communicate with and determine the network through which the media is downloaded, whether pictures or videos, in order to save phone data and not consume Internet and reduce the data used in calls and to be fully aware of the data consumed in the Internet or the internal memory data of the phone.

Download WhatsApp for Android

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