Download PUBG MOBILE for Android and iPhone with a direct link

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Download PUBG MOBILE for Android and iPhone with a direct link

PUBG game (Battlegrounds Battlegrounds: PUBG) is one of the best video games spread in the last three years in the Arab world. and it is a survival game also known as battlefields of unknown players from all over the world, the game comes from Tencent, this game in March 2017 It is available on Windows, Xbox, Android and iPhone devices. Upload and download PUBG for Android At the start of each match, 100 players jump off the plane by parachute onto an island.

Where they try to preserve their lives from the beginning of the game until the end of the game, through a successful strategy in assembling weapons, armor, ammunition and weapons to confront other players and kill enemies. You can download and download the game easily and run it on computers and smartphones running the Android system, it is one of the games that you need To an internet connection so that you can play and communicate with other players from anywhere in the world.

After downloading and downloading the game on your mobile device, registration is done by creating an account. This account can be linked to your Facebook account, after that you can enter the game at any time and from anywhere through your Facebook account, the game includes more than 2 million people all over the world You can play with your friends against another group of enemies, and you can play alone against other people, and it is now one of the most popular games in 100 countries around the world.

PUBG Mobile is the first of its kind in the Battleground games and the most famous of them at the moment as it contains millions of players playing and challenging each other.

How to play the game Peggy Mobile for Android

In the beginning, select login via your Facebook or Twitter account as you like

Choose a name for your character in the game and choose its features, look, and dress

Choose your country in which you will play the game

 Start playing and fight the enemies

There are 4 different maps inside the game, which are Erangel, Sanhok, Mermar and Vikandi. You can play any of them.

Gameplay The game is divided into 3 modes of playing single - double - quadruple with a group of friends

You enter the game and wait 60 seconds for the game to start and for your friends to start gathering
The game usually starts with 100 players

You go down anywhere you want by selecting it on the map and going down to it via the parachute. One of your friends is followed up so that you land with him on the same place that you agreed upon without the need to control during the parachute

You can bring weapons and ammunition by entering inside the old facilities and houses. You will find them on the ground. You collect them. The way to win is for you and your team to eliminate all the players so that no one is left but inside the entire map with your group and your friends.

There are also paths in which the plane plays the game by dropping it in a random place every two minutes there are distinctive weapons and ammunition inside that you can only find inside, and it is possible that you will find distinctive clothing as well.

The zoom is a restricted area that you must move away from so that you can kill you. The zoom increases every time inside the game.

You can also wear a helmet and shield so that you can withstand more bullets

You can use the navigation inside the car to escape from the enemies quickly and in less time

You must collect weapon parts so that you can have good control over the weapon and ammunition

Weapons are divided into [SMG-AR]. Each type has its own shot and distinctive enemy target pieces

There are also SNIPERS. This weapon needs a scoop, so you can control it easily to kill you and your friends

You can also follow these steps in order to learn how to play you and your friends

After downloading the game and running it on the mobile with the Android system or computer, you can choose from more than one mode to play in it, and among the most famous of these modes within the game

It is Classic, in this mode you can play alone or with a group of friends, after entering this mode you find that it contains 100 players divided into groups, each group is divided into 4 players from friends, downloading Pubg Apk The game begins by descending from the plane with parachutes On a remote island with an area of ​​8 km, where you start collecting weapons, equipment, ammunition and camouflaged clothes so that you can easily hide from enemies and first aid that helps you recover, _ _ You can get these things from the battlefield inside the game and can be obtained when killing other people, and the goal of This mode is to kill everyone and survive you and your friends.

Download and download the game PUBG MOBILE

The most important feature of the game is that it is a free game without paying any fees that can be downloaded on Android, iPhone and your computer devices.

The game depends in its structure on one of the most powerful and powerful engines at the present time, which is an unrealistic engine that creates wonderful graphics, realistic visual effects and a wonderful aesthetic with high-quality HD sound effects so that you dive into the depths of the game with all your feelings within the game.

Pubg mobile contains an arsenal of weapons, equipment, and realism that one can imagine as real of rifles, machine guns, pistols, weapons, GG spirits, street fighting weapons of knives, swords, Molotov cocktails, and all weapons that are virtually unmatched with the same range and same lethality, martial arts and control capabilities.

The game also contains various types of classic vehicles from various motocycle, 4x4 cars and speed boats that you can drive during the battle to race your enemies to the designated areas on the map and collect weapons and ammunition. Vehicles can also be used to run over and kill enemies.

One of the advantages of the game PUBG is that you can play alone without entering into a group, in which case you encounter people alone and not large groups.

You can easily cooperate with your friends inside the game and form a group where through voice conversations you can easily communicate with them and put plans, ambushes and available methods that help you win and kill all enemies within the game.

The game contains more than one mode that can be played inside the game, such as the classic classic Evo Ground
The game is constantly evolving and updated with easy-to-use links, containing daily events and challenges, and monthly updates. These updates provide new and interesting gaming features and modes.

Features of the game Pubg Mobile

The game of Peggy is 100% free so you do not need to pay any money except for some unnecessary items such as unnecessary clothes and weapons.

Reward opportunities to start everyone start the game without weapons and then collect them and collect ammo.

The game is characterized by high graphics, high-quality image, and high definition.

Realistic sound effects so you never get tired of playing the game all the time.

Achievements archive are available so that you can complete them and take free gifts inside the game.

The presence of more than one map inside the game and you can easily cooperate with your friends and form a group where it can easily be through voice chats to communicate with them plans, ambushes and available methods that help you win and kill all enemies.

The game contains more than one playable mode like the classic classic Evo Ground
The game is constantly evolving, containing daily events and challenges, and monthly updates. These updates provide new and interesting gameplay features and modes.

Categories of the game Pubg

There is more than one mode in the game and a form inside the game ,,

There is a 4v4 Team Death Match mode, so that the game consists of two teams, each team has 4 people. You must kill 40 people to win the game. There is an Arcade mode, which is a gym consisting of 30 people in a mini-map within the game surrounded by zoom.

The first team gets the highest number of dead in a specific time, it is the one who wins. If you die, you must wait 15 seconds to go down once inside the game. Zombie Mode is a system consisting of 30 people. During the confrontation with zombies consisting of x-phase, each stage increases the number of zombies within the game, the regular maps [Mirmar - Sanhok - Erngel - Vikendi] 100 people inside and only 1 team can win. You must kill all enemies and stay alone inside the map.


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