Download Garena free fire game for Android and iPhone

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Download Garena free fire game for Android and iPhone

Download and download the Free Fire game with a direct link to the latest version, a very exciting and easy game to play and control. There is a war with all friends from all over the world wherever you are where you play with them again by sending them a friend request, play with them, talk to them via voice and write it when you want to log in To access the game, you must be over 16 years old. Log in with your Facebook account.

The game begins with you. The store will appear to you until you buy the weapons curriculum, the weapons that you use and the guides, and there are the latest types of weapons, the latest clothes and the latest shoes, and there are multiple and strange personalities in them, and there are fashion such as glasses, T-shirt, pants or shorts and there are items in it.

And there is also a set of gold and jewelry boxes and there are many animals and daily shows and it shows you the character that you want a man or a female and gives the locker and a pet and the safe there is in it all that you bought from the store and the fighting team is 4 or 2 and you will choose the place where you and your friends want to go down All weapons, all bags, and energy, when you kill the enemy, you can take everything you want from it, go down and take parachute with friends, and there are places to hide in, and there are cars and motorcycles to go to wherever you want to go and there are boxes that fall from the plane.

Garena Free Fire game features:

- There are different characters with special skills and multiplayer inside the game. Get ready to fight with you and your friends

- When you kill everyone and stay alive, you will win the first level, you and your team of friends, and you will get gifts.

- When you stand in the shaded safe zone, you go to take the weapon in order to kill the other enemies and stay alive in order to win you and your friends.

- It has modern snipers and bombs of all kinds in addition to mines.

- There are levels and there are upgrades in the game Garena Free Fire, and every 10 minutes the circle becomes smaller for you to meet and kill some of you and your enemies.

- The duration is 10 minutes and 50 people, and one person from the team or a whole team with your friends does not survive, so one winner will be you or not when you win you take the reward.

- The number of the team is 4, there is no more than that and there are 2 talk with your friends in order to win the game in order to take the reward for you and your friends

Easy-to-use tools and handling.

- There is no problem in the game. It starts easily and ends. There are no templates. There are no updates for the game.

- Calculates RB to the maximum extent of the M79. This weapon is in the box when it falls from the plane and lands in the desired area.

When you fall on the island you find people behind the trees.

- This experience summarizes the truth in war, shooting, exchanging weapons, how to hide people, how to kill enemies.

- When you are on the plane, notice other people getting off in one place and stepping off in another place to be safe and in a safe place for you and your friends

You have to be focused on the safe zone in order to survive and then hide in houses, potholes and behind trees so that no one will snipe you.

- Look for weapons in the safe area in order to keep with you now and have good weapons with you that you use to kill the enemies in order to kill others, then leave the place and then hide in the safe place so that you do not see anyone and kill the enemies and go behind them and shoot them.

It is characterized by the presence of new weapons inside the game and there are not many updates.

Reducing difficulties while providing new characters within the game. The clash squad is always opened for you and your friends.

Several climates, including dynamic climate, are provided in the classic game mode.


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