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Download the Super Voice application for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Download the Super Voice application for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Download the Super Voice application for Android and iPhone with a direct link

direct link ، This application is one of the most important applications that are characterized by many wonderful features that are innumerable and cannot be counted as the application is concerned with those who are fans of music and songs or the sound world in particular, where every singing talent or musical talent can use the application in order to increase his singing talent and distinctive feature The most important thing is also that it contains the Holy Quran, which you can read the book of God through your connection to the Internet from your phone and through the Super Voice application specifically and through the singing and playing music program for Android. You can also download the application.

Record your unique and distinctive voice and talent that has not yet been discovered and has not been published or no one has heard your talent or outstanding voice and possess the wonderful singing talent, so you can through the Super Voice application behind the sound or even if you are a fan of music and can play the welcome and the piano or any musical instrument that you want It makes a distinctive sound. You can record the sound of that instrument, modify the sounds and save it on your phone, and also one of the most important features of the application. After you enjoy the application experience and enjoy your time, you can read the Holy Qur’an and recite the book of God and contemplate and also you can read it with your friends.

Features and advantages of the Super Voice application:

Through the Super Voice apk application, you can record your voice and display your singing talent through Facebook or Instagram social networking sites through your Internet connection, and then you can record your voice while you are sitting in your place or wherever you sit, you can sit quietly and peacefully and record your favorite songs that are You love and sing it in your own way and then you can modify the sound through some of the distinctive features of the application and you can sing songs without performing the musical instruments around you or in the background of the song

So you can record your song quietly without adding to the obsessive manic sound and recording your voice with purity alone until your voice appears and through the special events that we will mention we can recount and explain ways to use the application. The first feature is recording or recording. A triangle and when you re-record again, it is in the form of a mark equal to the upside down and the next feature if you want to add a tone, but in different degrees, through the pitch feature you can listen to the appropriate tones, from recording through a feature through the pause in the middle feature, stop in the middle and then choose The appropriate tone and pitch you want then the selection and then it is added to

The song and the second feature is the sound effect and it is possible to change the appropriate sound effect for your Utk. As for the next feature, which is that it may be your recording and then save the song, and after it is saved you can review it and then make the appropriate modification or for the last feature which is recording again And singing again with Super Voice with a direct link and then start recording the beginning of a new song and after you have memorized the final, you can raise your voice or singing talent through your social networking sites and then read the comments and the audience’s opinion about your talent and they can follow you and sing again with Super Voice as well as you To be better and also if one of your friends has the talent, you can invite him to use the application and enjoy the experience like you and tell him that the application is easy to use.

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