Download Scooby-Doo racing game for Android with direct link

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Download Scooby-Doo racing game for Android with direct link

Download Scooby،Fun for the whole family, this game is where parents and kids can safely and easily make cars. race and play! Now. who will you race with? Choose between your favorite Boomerang stars, including your favorites, including one of the fast-spreading games in the world and suitable for all ages. Download and download the game with a direct link from the Play Store. When you are ready, choose the cartoon character in your format from Boomerang.

Characters available in the game

1. Scooby-Doo and Film

2. Tom and Jerry

3. Happo the Champion and Bella Happo Ballerina

4. Funny contestants Penelope The Professional, Dick Dustardley and Motley

5. Bugs Bunny and Tweety the Bird

Get ready ... and design your cars your own way

The race has begun! In Make and Race, you'll not only race as some of your favorite Boomerang characters but you'll have to craft their car too! Check out all the ways you can design your dream car from design your dream car

Choose the body you want

What kind of cars do you want? Stylish closed car? Or a huge barrel on wheels? The choice is yours

Choose the wheels for the car that suit you

This is what they say: If its shape is like a circle that is used as a wheel! Mix and match with bike tires, donuts, saw blades and all the things in common! Find the wheels that best express you personality best.

A new paint for your car

Want a bright, bright blue fast car? What do you think of a convertible hot pink? Spray paint on your new car in all the colors of the rainbow!

Time for accessories

Decorate your own car with lightning bolts, hearts, electric guitars, gigantic motors, flames and more! You can also add stickers for your favorite characters. You can get upgrade points while racing and win the competition for more fun ways to decorate your car.

Go let's start racing and challenge the players

You can get your own car and racer, you can drive under your supervision, race against classic Boomerang characters and dodge the giant, and try to reach the first place to get higher points and collect the prize.


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