Download the Android game Jawaker directly for free

Download the Android game Jawaker directly for free

Download the Android game Jawaker directly for free

Today we present to you a new game, which is the Jawaker game that has gained great fame during this year. Here is a summary of this wonderful. beautiful and fun game. The Jawaker game is a game that contains a virtual card games package, most of which are popular card games such as 400 and Tarneeb and other card games spread in the Levant and the Gulf. And the Arab Maghreb.

the Jawaker game represents the largest community of card lovers in the Arab world. When you download the Jawaker game, you can play directly through an automatic account and can be modified later or linked to an account of any social media account such as Facebook or any email, but unfortunately your name in the game cannot be changed. Only one time.

The games package includes more than 30 games with different rules and laws, and the laws of each game can be found in detail before playing, the most prominent supported games are Tarneeb, Basurrah, Hind, Trix and many other wonderful card games.

Jawaker game style is mainly a multiplayer game, so you can play with friends by adding their accounts from within the Jawaker game or inviting them via WhatsApp or Facebook, and you can play with other random players at any time, and if you want to play on your own, you can face jewels characters based on artificial intelligence for training and training On the game.

The Jawaker game allows communication between players through a wide variety of emoticons and virtual reactions, and we found the Jawaker game gives great enthusiasm and fun while playing and can also communicate with text messages and even voice conversations.

In the Jawaker game, when creating any new game, you can adjust gameplay options and settings such as the number of players, the speed of play, the possibility of voice communication, and preventing players from leaving the game. Play starts at the first level and then the level rises when playing more in the game, and the game provides many competitive challenges and competitions that give prizes within A game like Twikins that allows you to buy symbols and expressions and use them while playing, for example you can enter the list of challenges and you will find the challenges available in your country now and you can subscribe to them, there is also in the game Jawaker Clubs system you can join any club you want and compete with other members or create a club yourself .

Jawaker game features

Jawaker game is an entertaining, fun and wonderful game, especially as it contains a large package of card games of different intensity and is not restricted to one game, the Jawaker game gives a similar playing experience to reality, simulating for example that you are sitting with your friends and then blame your partner for not taking the appropriate step, and I liked the idea of ​​symbols Expressionism and reaction reactions and the thing that caught my attention in the Jawaker game is that the game does not contain a lot of advertisements, unlike other games, and this is considered a positive thing, for example among the positive things, ease of control, playing, accessing menus, searching for games and the possibility of sending gifts to friends inside the game, and the graphics are also simple and smooth And two-dimensional.

Jawaker game supports both the Arabic and English languages ​​and is available for free on both the Android system and the iOS system, and can be played on the computer and the game has a rating of 4,6 in the Google Play Store and got more than five million downloads from all people, and in the Apple Store I got Rating 4,7

Disadvantages of the Jawaker game

One of the things that I did not like about the game of Jawaker is the system of promotions, which is difficult and takes a long time in order to move to a higher level, and the game also prevents you from changing your name more than once and prevents you from changing your account.

Download the game Jawaker

In general, we recommend that you download the Jawaker game, as it is an entertaining and fun game, especially as it contains a large package of different intensity card games and is not restricted to one game and is characterized by simplicity and no restrictions and few ads.


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