Download updates for PUBG Mobile LIVIK 0.19.0 Erangel Map 2.0

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Download updates for PUBG Mobile LIVIK 0.19.0 Erangel Map 2.0

Download the new PUBG game updates with a direct link now. You can download the PUBG Mobile 2020 update for Android. New Livik 0.19.0 with the Royale Pass 14 version, as well as the Erangel 2.0 map as well as the Levik map, in addition to the new Kraken map.

And now you can enjoy the Fourex map as well, the update of PUBG, the new update brings us a lot of features, including the map of Li Fic, the setting of bonfires, the garden of Chair Park, and other great features. The game developers have officially announced this new update. The update maintenance servers will not be removed. Therefore, the update will need an internal memory of more than 1.84 GB for Android devices, while for the iPhone it will need more than 2.13 GB.

Tencent has officially announced the new PUBG Mobile update (PUBG Mobile 0.19.0). The update is still developing, but despite this, there is news that it will be an update that carries a lot of crazy elements. It contains a new vehicle, a new map, and a new game mode. There is a lot of content in the really exciting PUBG Mobile update.

PUBG update (june 2020)

Fans of PUBG Mobile will soon be able to enjoy its new update, which is close to launch. You find that the PUBG Mobile Season 12 update is currently working. Therefore, many players are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Season 13. And the new update will bring a lot of new content to the game. Renowned game maker Mr Ghost Gaming has revealed many details about PUBG Mobile Season 13. The first thing that has been announced is the new Toys Playground. It is a children's cartoon costume.

So, my friend, expect to find many colorful costumes such as the costumes of the famous series in the PUBG Mobile Game Season 13. Also, this season will score new prizes for the Royal Pass. Apart from this, season 13 is expected to come with a new mode called "Jungle". According to recent leaks, this situation is closely related to air balloons. However, information about the situation remains scarce at this point.

New Rifle Weapon (Spas 12)

It is a new weapon that was added to the game after the overwhelming success of the "DBS Shotgun" weapon among the game fans. Spas 12 is only available with the aid that the game sends you to update the game, which is dropped on the battlefield. It can fire seven bullets at once, causing terrible damage in the short term.

The P90 weapon arrives in the classic matches in PUBG update 0.19.0

The P90 weapon was added to the game in the previous update to the game, but unfortunately it was only available in regional matches. But the game developers recently decided to add it to the classic matches as well. After you download PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 on your smartphone, the new PUBG game update, you will find the P90 SMG weapon as random collectibles on the battlefield in the classic games. The tank of this weapon contains 50 bullets, and it has a high rate of fire. The weapon fires 9 mm bullets, and also supports the addition of a tube to dump bullets, a scope to identify the target, and a front holder as well.

New Fourex map

This is Tencent's surprise for PUBG Mobile fans. Many are expecting to see the Irangel 2.0 map in PUBG 0.19.0 update. Surprisingly, however, is the emergence of the new Forex map. This map has not been included in PUBG computer, but is allocated only to PUBG Mobile. It will be the smallest map in the game with an area of ​​2 km by 2 km. It is a mixture of the four well-known maps: Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Erangel, all of these maps have been collected on this map. Play is available for a number of players in this map, up to 40 players only. This means that there will be 10 teams competing with each other for the battle champion.

What's new in PUBG 0.18.0 update

PUBG Season 13 includes a comprehensive overhaul of the Miramar map, and many players have called it Miramar 2.0. The modified map will include races inside F1 tracks in deserted areas, and you will also find some cushions through which you will enjoy making more exciting jumps, and some rewards related to the rank of each player have been mentioned. Baby dolls. As you advance in your rank, you will get various awards that can be listed below:

Toy Alliance P92

MVP Showcase Graphic Arch

Foxtrot emote

Stunt Pineapple Prince ornament

Rock and roll helmet

Parachute Rock and Roll

Hotdogmobile motorcycle

Dynamic wave dance

Wasteland Survivor Graffiti

Graffiti for hero Nebula

Nebula Hero emote

Champion group Nebula (100 RP reward)

Flash characters, Superman in PUBG

Also available in Season 13 Lava and Super Man Flash. Apart from that, information about the new EMOT communication method has been leaked. And it has several types, including Foxtrot, the hero Nebula and others, updating the game, and there is a video clip below explaining these types. The new Thirteenth Season also introduces the new Andy character to the game. This character is expected to arrive in the game in late June. PUBG Mobile Season 13 is also expected to start on May 12th

PUBG update 0.19.0 leaks [Season 14]

Fans of PUBG are now playing the thirteenth season, which features the dolls theme we talked about earlier. This update also received a comprehensive change in the famous Miramar map, which included the emergence of Desert Storm. The update of the PUBG season 13 season was not without the emergence of new rewards in Royal Pass, and new skins and weapons as well. Here we will update the game. Among the Battle Pass prizes, you will find the cartoon guard dolls. And after level 50, you can get one of the two characters, either the Snow Ranger or the Fire Ranger. The Ultra Defender is also available to players who successfully reach Level 100.

Gamers are still in the sea of ​​discovering more of the features that Season 13 of pubg brings to them. Under these circumstances, we had some leaks related to the update of the game PUBG Mobile Season 14. This was explained by some owners of YouTube channels interested in the game of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Update 2020: Dinosaur Theme and Royal Pass Awards

Although talking about the update of the fourteenth season of PUBG is still very early, this did not prevent those interested in the game from the owners of the channels on YouTube from launching some leaks related to this update, the update of PUBG LITE, where one of them revealed new skins and weapons that will be Put them in the game with this update. Also talk about the rewards that relate to each level when you reach it.

PUBG 0.19.0 update: cosmetic gadgets, new weapons!

And according to what was mentioned in those leaks. Players will receive a new skin type for the "S12K" weapon. A new system has also been added to communication between players, not through voice chat, but through gestures. It will be called "Results emote", a PUBG Android update where you can send the appropriate gestures for the situation you are living in at the current moment through the group of gestures attached to the gesture wheel. New skin with the name "Desert Fossil" or "Desert Fossil" will also be added to the "AKM" weapon in Season 14 of the game of Peggy.

Also, Kukulkan Fiore skin will be added to the Kar98K, which will look really amazing. The weapon "EMP - UMP45" will get a new skin, and this will be considered an introduction to the dinosaur theme, which will mainly feature Season 14. This talk will equip the PP-19 Bizon with burned leather.

Among the prizes that you will get in the new update, according to the level that the "Gemini Scar-L" skin will reach, which will give the golden color to your weapon. And speaking of other awards, you find Mr. Fox leather specially designed for "M762" weapon. The AWM will have a stake in the purple magnolia leather.

And the update did not forget the "VSS" weapon, which will be equipped with "Feral Scavenger" leather. And the skin of "Ancestral Tears" or "Ancestral Tears" of a "QBU" weapon. While Victor's weapon gets skinned, "Tribe's Blessing". The "M164" is engraved in gold. Cardboard King and Jungle Hunter group rewards will also be combined with level rewards.

PUBG 0.19.0 update

With every event that comes to the game after the launch of the fourteenth season under the name "Fox", Mr. Fox skin will be available, update of the latest PUBG version, and according to what was mentioned in the leaks, you will find a set of small dog rewards and the fortune teller event. You can see the full video that mentioned all these leaks below through the Ultimate Shooter YT channel of one of the people interested in the game of PUBG Mobile on YouTube. But, my friend, these leaks will not be confirmed until the official announcement of PUBG Season 14 is released.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update

According to some reports that have appeared recently in the game of Peggy, to update PUBG snow will be widespread in the latest PUBG Mobile March 2020 update, especially in the Erangel map. Well, don't worry because snow will not completely cover the map, but it will still be more visible in mountainous areas. The following areas are where you will notice this apparent change: the Stalber region, the Georgopol Mountains, the mountainous area between the school and Pochinki Road.

The areas that will be covered in snow in the latest PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update are expected to contain the third level of supplies or loot that you can seize, in addition to some unusual weapons, and I add to that the possibility of getting a flare rifle has become greater in these areas. Players also in PUBG Mobile 0.17 update will have the ability to enjoy snowboarding in snowy areas of course with the Snow Festival or Winter Festival update.

Did you know that you can run PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 on your computer?

Peggy rewards by rank and level

Fans of pubg mobile 0.17.0 apk obb can enjoy the game with its latest update. Which is now available for download on the Android and iPhone platforms. As this update brought many of the features that we will talk about in detail in the next lines. PUBG Mobile Season 11 2020 will also bring many new clothes that you get in the new update through the 100 RP upgrade, which appears with an elegant and elegant back. As players advance in ranks and levels, they will receive various rewards and aesthetics. And when they attain the gold rank, they will receive a new red and black robe.

PUBG with new aesthetics

As aesthetic gifts from the PUBG Mobile game season 12 March 2020, players will receive the MK14 skins if they can obtain the Diamond Rank, the new PUBG update and the players reach the Ace level, they will receive the Parachute skin for the 12th season of PUBG Mobile 2020. You can see On the video below of the YT classification and its "Classified YT" YouTube channel, in order to learn more about the many information about the leaked data on PUBG Mobile Season 12.

As we mentioned earlier, the PUBG Mobile game is the most popular game on the Android and iOS platforms for iPhone. After the release of the original version, which met with overwhelming success, the number of subscribers to the game has exceeded the barrier of 75 million subscribers, and according to what was launched in the statistics of the State of China, the PUBG Mobile game is the most downloaded game among all the games on smartphones and tablets, updating the game Rather, PUBG communicated with devices with few or old capabilities through PUBG Mobile Lite, which provided the same features and maps as in the original PUBG Mobile.

The game, PUBG Mobile, was best known in India, and it had the largest share of the best professional players in the multiplayer system known as eSports. We are now waiting for more information about the leaks of PUBG Mobile Season 11, which we will provide you with, dear reader, in the coming articles, so follow us constantly.

New PUBG update

And as we mentioned above, you will find, dear reader, a lot of advantages in the new update, and some of them were launched on the computer platform two months ago, and before going into more conversation, let's get to know the most important tactics in order to outperform your competitors.

PUBG RageGear Mode

RageGear mode is one of the best modes released recently in PUBG Mobile. Here, two teams meet in the game, and each team consists of six players, bringing the total number of players in one round to 12 players. Each team is divided into pairs and each pair drives a car, and each player takes turns driving the car, with the other taking over the task of sniping enemies and vice versa. You will find that the Ridge Gear mode has two different modes. You can play Deathmatch or Capture Match modes inside this new mode.

The players' task here is to destroy the enemy cars to gain points or how many of them are larger. In Capture Mode, players have to destroy enemy vehicles and control and capture crates. You can find the Radiator mode in the EvoGrounds section.

Players have a choice of three vehicles. Where they can choose the Dacia vehicle that contains small rifles. And the UAZ that contains heavy weapons. The Buggy vehicle, which contains the RPG missiles. It is also possible for anyone who shoots to choose from three types of weapons, either they choose the RPG launcher, the grenade launcher or the M249 automatic rifle, update the game and here do not worry about ammunition, as you will have an infinite number of ammunition here. The thing that you have to keep in mind, however, is that you always outlive your weapon. Ridgear mode is worth trying after you install the latest update "PUBG Mobile 0.17.0" on your phone.

Ice battle mode Game Peggy

Players can enter Winter Festival mode if they play a classic battle on the Erangel map. If you enter Snow Paradise mode, a snow-covered island will pop up in front of you, and you can ride a cable car among the snowy mountains. What's more, you can ski jumping and snowboarding freely.

Balance new weapons in PUBGThe game developers have weakened the turning power of each weapon in the game. As such, PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 has weakened AWM strength. It has been clearly weakened from 132 to 120, game update and unlike sniper rifles, where it has been strengthened by 30%. But overall there is a large selection of weapons that have been weakened in this update.

In the PUBG update, you can switch or stop the ski traffic

The previous update to PUBG brought the skateboarding feature to death squad battles. The slide starts moving when you click the destroy button. And if you are not comfortable with the ski movements, you can lock the ski movements and their settings. Just go to the game settings and turn off the ski feature.

PUBG Mobile 2020 weapons update

For all those who were waiting for new weapons update updates regarding weapons to improve their performance in the pubg mobile game. The game makers have developed a new weapon that will appeal to fans of the PUBG Mobile game. It is the Desert Eagle weapon, or the Diggle gun. And fitted with 45 ACP ammunition. It is the most powerful pistol in the game. Aside from the Diggle pistol, the UMP9 is named UMP45 and takes ammunition .ACP-45. Also, the deadly SMG weapon required 9mm ammunition before the last update (PUBG 0.16.5 update).

Other changes and additional improvements in PUBG 0.17.0 update

There are many people trying to hack PUBG Mobile in order to have an advantage when facing enemies. As many of those who play the game and broadcast it directly to their followers on social media have been accused of using a secondary account from ESP in order to penetrate the game, downloading the update and this allows them to locate enemies' sites through secondary accounts. Therefore, there is no evidence of any player or any gamer that they are using their main personal accounts in hacking the game.

Therefore, the latest update of the game will prevent those running the game on the low level from seeing those running it on the high level. Therefore, the final event will prevent these scammers from using secondary accounts to cheat the game and win its fights.

Apart from the feature of preventing phishers from penetrating the game, there are many additional improvements to the game in the latest update where players from other teams will be able to enter the BRDM-2 vehicle while you are in it. You can also prevent your teammates from getting the crates for you, by firing friendly fire.

Therefore, players playing in random teams must be encouraged to use friendly fire. Another good feature is that it allows you to take more dressings in order to maintain your recovery. This means that you do not need to tap the bandage in order to recover, it will be done automatically. You can even receive treatment while moving, noting that your speed will slow down a little.

The new BRDM-2 vehicle appears in PUBG Mobile 0.17.0

Here, we are talking about the latest PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 game vehicle that was launched on the computer platform two months ago. The latest update showed the BRDM-2, which replaced the armed UAZ illuminated vehicle. The team can be carried across the ground as usual, and it can even be carried in water as well. The vehicle contains a huge amount of aspiration charges, and it cannot be detonated easily. The car is fortified on its sides with bulletproof tires. Therefore, do not carry the enemies' worries when they bomb the tires. This vehicle is similar to the UAZ vehicle, in that you cannot exchange fire while you are in it, but all you have to do is try to escape from enemy fire.

Improve the performance of the game update PUBG 0.17.0

If you play PUBG MOBILE regularly, then you should know that the game greatly affects the source of the device. Where the battery consumes significantly, along with its effect on the touch feature in the screen of most phones, but fortunately, the developers of PUBG 0.15 Mobile announced that they have improved the game's performance in terms of smoothness, control, power consumption and game interface.

As we mentioned earlier, the latest update brings new and improved interface performance. However, when we experienced the game, we did not notice any improvement in battery consumption. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will not notice an improvement in battery consumption.

New updates to the sounds of weapons and vehicles in PUBG 2020

The game PUBG MOBILE obb in its latest update, the game of Peggy, offers a remarkable development in the sounds of the vehicle and weapons, along with other well-known sound effects. High-Resolution audio is available if you download the HD audio kit from the Resources section.

The sounds of weapons and vehicles in the PUBG apk mobile game are similar to the same sounds you hear in the game Peggy Lite for the computer. Where you feel like you are playing the game on your computer. However, if you want to play the game with its regular sounds, ignore the HD set of sources. To download the high-resolution sounds, download the PUBG Mobile APK game through the links I provided to you above, then click on the download icon located at the top left of the screen next to the start icon. Then click on the Play button next to Ultra HD Sounds. But you have to restart the device to activate the high-resolution sounds.

PUBG Mobile troop carrier mode

The troop carrier mode is one of the most important updates for PUBG 0.18.0 for mobile, and this mode is not currently available and may be available in a new update to the game server, a new PUBG game update, and it provides a new experience for the game. When available, you'll be able to play a game through the EvoGround section. Players can pilot helicopters, and you can have anti-aircraft weapons to shoot down helicopters. And the new mode lets you revive your teammates, and this is the thing that you can do in Call of Duty.

Unfortunately, the developers have not specified when the troop carrier position will be launched, and the launch date for this mode has not been announced. But we expect it to be launched within the next few weeks.

Explosive gas canister in PUBG update

And with the new update, the new update of the new game of Peggy, you can destroy enemies using the explosive box. All you have to do is shoot the canister to explode at the enemies. You can intelligently plant these cans in specific locations in order to cause the greatest damage to the enemy ranks.

Exploit the edges in the game of Peggy

With the new update, players can now climb the edges to reach areas that were not available to them in the past. You have to jump to reach the edges of containers and buildings to climb. This feature opens a whole new world of possibilities on the battlefield. Where you can discover new hiding places and maneuver the enemies through them.

Other changes and updates in the 2020 PUBG update

Dear Continental, we have provided you with the most important updates and basic changes in the game PUBG Mobile apk obb in its latest update. But there are other changes and updates that we will talk about here, updating the game of Peggy, where you can bend and slide in death matches. This feature is present in the game Call of Duty. Where the company added the manufacturer some features and movements of the Call of Duty game to the game of PUBG 0.18.0 for mobile, and you can leave the graphics of any surface or thing in the game. We may see that this feature is of little use, but it might be fun for some.

Now we have shown everything about PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 APK OBB update. After learning about these changes and updates, tell us about the new feature that you liked in the game through comments.

Did you download the PUBG MOBILE 0.19.0 update for Android and iPhone phones? Well, now you must now go to the way to master the game through a lesson: How to defeat your enemies in the game of Peggy, and also the most important secrets and deception of PUBG, in addition to how to improve the aiming and targeting of enemies in PUBG, and finally, knowing the possibility of running PUBG Mobile Lite on the computer.

PUBG Mobile update 2020 for Android PUBG Mobile: Livik 0.19.0 with Royale Pass 14 version and also the Erangel 2.0 Levik map, in addition to the new Kraken map, now you can enjoy Fourex map as well. The new update brings us a lot of features, including the new Lee Vik map, fire mode, Cher Park park, and other great features.

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