Download the Blabla Connect app for Android and iPhone. Hide your number

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Download the Blabla Connect app for Android and iPhone. Hide your number

Download Blabla Connect is a program used to hide your personal phone number and make it appear as if the call is from an unknown number (private code).

It also makes calls over the Internet and makes conversations to and from people who own this program on their personal phones, and the program includes many features that we will show you during the next lines, and the Blabla Connect program is a program designed by an Egyptian Egyptian engineer who was able to During which it competes with many popular chat and call programs around the world, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other programs.

Blabla Connect features and features

The Blabla Connect program includes many features through which the program can attract anyone towards him to download and use it on his personal phone, as the Blabla Connect program provides the ability to conduct conversations from and to people.

It also provides the ability to communicate through it between users of the program free of charge, and you can also make phone calls to any country in the world or any Egyptian phone number or landline phone, and it also offers you the lowest cost when you use external and international calls.

One of the most important features offered by the Blabla Connect program is that it provides you with a service to hide your personal phone number, so when you make a phone call to someone, that person cannot see your phone number and appears to him in the form of an unknown or unknown number, and you can also send messages to any number And it appears in the form of an unknown number as well, so the recipient cannot identify who sent the message to him, and the program works on all Android and iPhone phones.

How to hide your personal phone number through Blabla Connect

1- First, download and download the program through the link at the end of the article or go to your store on your phone and type Blabla Connect in your search box to download the Blabla program.

2- After downloading the program, click on the word Install to download the program to your personal phone.

3- Then we will wait a little while the program is downloaded, then activate it and install it on your personal phone.

4- After you have activated the program and the application on your phone, an option to open the program will appear to you, open it.

5- A window will appear for you asking to register your personal phone number, then enter it to complete the registration process in the program.

6- Wait a few moments for a message to be sent to you that includes the activation code on your phone.

7- Copy the activation code and paste it on the exact location that it requests from you, then click on the word Next.

8- A window will appear asking you to register your name and specify to type a password.

9- Then click on the word "Finish", and you will have activated the Blabla Connect program on your phone.

10- After that, the program window will appear for you, which includes several menus and several options, the first menu which contains two options, the first option which is blabla to blabla, and through this option, you can contact anyone carrying the same program on his personal phone if he is a friend.

And the second option, which is blabla to phone, and through this option, you can make a phone call to any mobile or landline phone number or in any country in the world. It is not required that the person you are calling has the same program on his personal phone, and the advantage in that is that the program It hides your phone number as an "unknown number (personal number)".

11- Click on the blabla to phone option to make a phone call without the person you are calling knowing your phone number to show him in the form of an unknown or unknown number, but this service is considered paid, but do not worry. When you activate the program, he will give you 25 cents as a gift For your use of the program, you can through this gift make your phone calls, and the program also offers you a low cost as the cost of the call is only about 9 cents.


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