Download Call of Duty game for Android and iPhone 2020 with a direct link

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Download Call of Duty game for Android and iPhone 2020 with a direct link

Download the Call of Duty game, with a direct link for Android and iPhone, which is designed exclusively for mobile phones and is simply an action-style game. that many action, excitement and suspense fans are looking for around the world and in different countries as it enables you to get the advantage of group play With friends anytime you like and anywhere you want.

Call Of Duty gives you many different and exciting features, such as talking with friends through text and voice conversations, and through these features in the game you can easily communicate with your friends easily and simply. You can now download this exciting Call of Duty game to enjoy other features such as graphics 3D and exciting sounds that simulate nature.

The game enables you to unlock a lot of new characters, different clothes, and many weapons and get many different rewards. Through the opportunity for group play, the Call of Duty game allows you to acquire new skills from your friends as well as get excitement and suspense.

Call of Duty game allows you a direct link during group play by creating your own team 5 against 5, for example, and enjoying the excitement and suspense and sweeping the battlefield, and you can strengthen yourself by equipping yourself with different equipment to strengthen yourself and develop your skills.

Enjoy the opportunity to compete, strive and look for the best, and make your way to victory through the Call of Duty Mobile game, and simply you will go into the adventure through easy and simple steps that will be recognized through special instructions for the game that you will get to know at the start of the game as a kind of understanding of the game and how Playing and introducing each part and every tool in the game, for example, the left part of the screen is used to move forward, backward, right or left, and the right part of the screen is used to adjust the viewing angle and move the viewing angle in all directions.

Features and characteristics of Call of Duty game:

It is simply a game based on action, excitement and suspense.When you open the game, you find it designed with the highest quality standards, and when the game actually starts, a small menu appears for you. When you press the Accept button, a screen appears on which you choose to start the game by registering with your Facebook account or You are a new guest and in both cases you will take some short steps and then you will be directed to start the game when you start the Call of Duty game for the first time, then you will notice some instructions through which you can go through the experience and start playing as the left side of the device screen is used When moving, the right side is used to adjust the viewing angle and viewing angle.

In order to get the weapons, you must approach the weapon and press it, and if and if you want to enter the settings, you will find a menu at the left of the screen when you click on it, three options appear for you, the first is Setting, which is for the settings, the second is Quit, which is to exit the game, and the third is Resume It is for completing gameplay.

This game enables the Call of Duty game to kill enemies and get money that enables you to buy weapons and after you buy a weapon, the advantages of this weapon will appear to you in a small small list. An update for the second season has also been provided with winter rewards for the oases issued also now available support For the console, a new map has also been added for multiplayer, as well as a zombie mode and an improvement in Battle Royale.


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