Download Cover Fire with direct link for Android 2020

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Download Cover Fire with direct link for Android 2020

Download Cover Fire latest version, cover fire game Download Cover Fire, is a great action and shooting game. which is controlling the reaping of a group of resisting individuals, and what you have to do is to kill criminal enemies in different and varied missions.

The story of the cover fire game revolves around the resistance of this group to an organization that terrorizes the people of the villages, in each mission you have to achieve certain goals to complete it and continue the process such as killing enemies, liberating civilians and avoiding killing innocents, the story is based on several stages and at the end of each stage there is a monster that is a large report You have to destroy it.

Features and characteristics of cover fire game

In the cover fire game Kafr Fire, the forms of missions and stages are varied and many, there are stages that include direct combat missions with the enemies where you face the enemies face to face, and there are other stages that play the role of a sniper from a far and high place and you have to snipe enemy soldiers to support your colleagues in the group, and there are also stages in which you are on Board a machine or helicopter and you have to bomb the enemies from above.

In all combat missions, you do not control the movement of the player as in the game of Peggy and other fighting games, but only by vision, correction and shooting. This is what I found gives the game ease and simplicity of control, but this does not mean that the game is easy, only I had great difficulty finishing some of the stages.

Cover Fire includes a lot of modern weapons and lethal weapons, and each team member carries his own weapon and a specific set of skills that you can upgrade and use to your advantage, and since it is a game of shooting control, skill and timing from the foundations of this game, in this game you must be able to Shooting with some skill and speed to win in difficult stages, like many action games. Completing challenges and skills gives you rewards and points that help you develop your personal weapons and improve other characteristics that keep them strong and special fighting abilities.

The game is basically a single player mode and it can be played without the availability of the Internet and this is very good. Apart from the story, stages and missions, there are other modes in the game such as zombies, which are very similar to the style of the regular stages, but in which you fight scary zombies, which is very similar to the style of the regular stages, but In which you fight zombies instead of soldiers and the game includes other challenges, such as sniping a number of enemies during a certain period, and there is an online competitive mode that also challenges other players in various missions.

In the game Cover Fire Cover Fire most of what caught my attention was the wonderful graphics in the game and it is considered the biggest point of distinction, and the game comes with realistic graphics based on 3D photography, where I saw great interest in weapons details, colors and scenes, in addition to the shooting method and movement of the character and other soldiers, there is also A variety of backgrounds and battlefields will be fought in city streets and sometimes in forests and desert.

Download and download Cover Fire game

In the end, we recommend that you download the cover fire game, and it is available for free with in-house purchases on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. This was my experience with the cover fire game.


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