Download the Facebook Messenger application

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Download the Facebook Messenger application

Download Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger: It is an application affiliated to the Facebook company that is an assistant and auxiliary. application for the Facebook application. Also, Facebook can download to the phone the Facebook Messenger application, which is concerned with messages only, as for the Facebook application. It performs the full role of publishing posts, sharing it with them, commenting on them, and so on, etc. We return to the Facebook Messenger application. This application makes it easier for the user to have many wonderful free services.

It shows you all your friends on Facebook, including the active and the inactive, it shows you who sent a text message to your account, a video message, a voice or a video call, the Facebook Messenger application is one of the most important applications on the Google Play Store because it is affiliated with Facebook Al Alamiah also has a center and has a first enumeration of applications.

The other because it has many features and many features that make the application a great thing besides other chatting applications. You can use the Facebook Messenger application by logging in with your Facebook account. The Facebook Messenger application is one of the most important social networking applications, so many users because it provides them with a lot of services. Entertainment freebies.

 It also features a nice-looking blogger as it is a smooth application that helps in exchanging messages between you and your friends and phone numbers. It is also the last update of the Facebook Messenger application. Add a lot of stickers that appear in admiration. Download the light version of Facebook Messenger by going to this link Facebook Messenger Lite

Download Facebook Messenger Facebook

Facebook Messenger Messenger is a great Facebook chat application that allows the user to chat with friends, send text messages and multimedia from pictures, videos, and voice messages, and you can also make voice and video calls.

This wonderful application is available on various electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones, Android or iPhone. It is an application that is characterized by ease and ease of use. Download Facebook Messenger for Android.

You can add funny stickers when chatting with friends, send animated GIFs, and also emoji to express your words better. You can also capture the most important moments using Messenger Camera. Capture the most important moments and share them with family and friends.

The user is not required to have an account on Facebook, so you can create an account with the phone number, at the beginning of 2016 the company was celebrating the arrival of the number of its users to 200 million users, and within only 6 months the number of users of this application reached 1 billion people around the world, and that Because of the ease of use of the application and the lack of interruption and work even when the Internet connection is weak

All you have to do is download the application from Google play and the App Store if you are an iPhone user, and if you have a Facebook account, you can log into Messenger with the same Facebook account, and if you do not have a Facebook account, you can log in to Messenger and register by number The phone and using it normally.

Also, Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger is added to the dark mode feature, which changes the color to a dark color with the rest of the speech being lit in light so that you can read well and at the same time preserve a little bit on your eyesight as it is an easy feature on the eyes that has harm in it as you can send a picture GIF video A certain funny or sad is no different, but we focus on the characteristic.

You can also go out to any place at any time that suits you by calling the video to your group. It also provides you with a free video connection because it is via Wi-Fi, but how do you apply standard data charges? Ok, I help you record your voice and send it via a message to all your friends. .

Also, the Facebook Messenger application provides a very easy and secure money-sending service only in (the United States, the United Kingdom and France), as it is a service that allows you to send and receive money from your friends by adding a (debit card) or (Paypal) account. You can also contact the service Clients and find important deals.

Facebook Messenger app features

It specializes in sending and receiving text messages, videos, photos, music and GIFs.

It specializes in audio and video communication with recording your voice in a message via Facebook Messenger.

- It is characterized by its ease of use as well as a wonderful logo and a very striking and wonderful illuminated interface.

- You can see the status of any of your friends by clicking on his personal picture shown in front of you.

- It shows you all of your active friends in the application as it displays the currently offline and the time that he finished using the application.

- It is characterized by a dark mode that relaxes the eyes, as it makes the background black and lights up all letters with the pictures.

It is characterized by that you can change the conversation color according to your desire for all conversations, each conversation a specific color.

- It is characterized by providing scary and funny stickers that help you get entertainment, and it is also characterized by editing pictures and videos that you will send to your friends.

You can also add glasses, emoji, or funny stickers such as bunnies, dogs, cats, flower crowns and many more etc.

Facebook Messenger features and features

Since the wonderful Facebook Messenger application was announced independently, we see a lot of features every day and with every new update, the application features are:

1. Messenger application is a completely free application that can be used at any time and anywhere. Only the device needs to be connected to the Internet.

2. No need to exchange numbers, all you have to do is register and exchange text messages immediately with friends.

3. You can use emojis, stickers, and animated GIFs.

4. You can shoot videos and pictures using Messenger's camera and also add filters and graphics to pictures and video clips and then you can send them to people Messenger APk.

5. You can add photos or videos to your status for your friends to see, and this status will only be available for 24 hours.

6. You can join voice calls or video chats in an easy and simple way.

7. You can send voice messages instead of writing text messages.

8. One of the most important features of this application is that you can share your location with your friends. All you have to do is activate the location feature from the mobile phone and send the site to friends.

9. You can also use SMS messages in Messenger where you can use one application without exiting the application to send and receive SMS messages

10. If you use more computers than phones, you can easily download the application by logging into

11. You can add friends instantly by using your profile code.

12. One of the most important features of the Messenger application is that you can play games within the application. There are many games available on the application that you can play in your spare time alone or with your friends.

13. You can chat with with Messenger bots, created by programmers to facilitate communication and make use of time wasted.

14. You can get rid of excessive brightness by using the application’s dark mode. It gives the application a stylish look and relaxes the eye by switching the background from white to black.

How to install Facebook Messenger on your phone

The Facebook Messenger application is one of the very important applications that a large number of people use from all countries of the world, so many people seek to install the application on their phone so that they can use and enjoy it, and the way to install the Facebook Messenger application is very easy.

By entering popular online stores such as Google Play Store or any other online store, opening its home page and typing Facebook Messenger in the search box where the application is searched, and when you click on the search confirmation, the application appears in front of you, you have to click on it so that you can download it Once downloaded, you have to press the Accept button to allow the application to access your device.

Then you can close the Google Play Store and search for the application among the applications on your phone and here you can enter it and create an account on it so that you can use it, and you can also download the application by clicking on the link at the bottom of the article, and when you click on this link it is done Download Facebook Messenger automatically and after the download process is completed, the application will be installed on your phone, so that you can install Facebook Messenger on your phone so that you can use it.

New features in the latest update to Facebook Messenger Features

The Facebook Messenger application is characterized by continuous updates and developments as the update is downloaded to the application automatically so that you can enjoy the new features that are downloaded to the application and among the most prominent and important features that have been added to the application after its last update: -

- The new design of the application became easier for users to navigate quickly, which increased the speed of the application and became very efficient and high-quality so that you can use it with ease.

- You can now search in conversations by opening the conversation you want to search in and typing any word you want to search for in the conversation. Once you type the word and click on a search word, the word will appear in front of you directly.

Now you can use Facebook Messenger without having any account on the Facebook application.

- The night mode feature that you can activate, which is a suitable feature for black lovers, and you can use this feature when using the application in the evening.

- You can also share the geographical location in order to make it easier for your friends to quickly reach you, which is one of the most important and best features that have been added to the application.

- Add a lot of emojis and emojis within the application, so you can use them when sending messages to your friends.

- Adding a lot of games that you can play through the application, and there are many games that you can play either individually or collectively with your friends so that you can enjoy these games.

You can also create a shortcut for in-app chats.

- You can also retrieve messages that you sent to your friends and delete them from your friends.

- All these features made it one of the best applications in the recent period, in addition to many other features that you can enjoy when using the application.

About Messenger Messenger

The Messenger application is one of the chat applications through which you can communicate with other people, send messages and talk to them, and through it you can also make voice calls and also video calls for several hours, and you can also make group video calls through the Messenger application.

These calls are characterized by high quality and accuracy, and the company producing the Messenger application is Facebook, and the first version of this application was in August 2011 and since then until now, this application is continuous and works efficiently and very high quality, and it works in many different languages, including Arabic language and this makes it one of the applications that suit all people.

Therefore, the number of users for it at the present time more than one billion people, and it is one of the applications that do not take a large area of ​​the phone as it occupies approximately 45 MB of the size of the phone and is a small space for other applications, and it works for all smart phones, whether Android or iPhone And many other phones.

Download Facebook Messenger stories Messenger Story

Through the Facebook Messenger application, you can easily download stories on the application and share these cases and stories with your friends, as these cases last for 24 hours and then disappear, and you can download the stories by following the following steps so that you can download them easily.

First, you have to enter the application and enter the main page, and when you look at the top of the page you will find the word Chats, under the search box, and under the search box you will find adding your story, so you can enter to add your story and when you click on Add a story by choosing a picture or video from From the photos and videos on the phone, you can also download the story in the form of a written text by clicking on the word Text at the top of the page on the right.

And when you click on it you can start writing and when you finish writing you can click on the word your story that you will find at the bottom of the page and when you click on it you will have downloaded the story to Facebook Messenger, and you can also download the story by clicking on the word word A camera that is located next to the word text, and when you click on a camera, you can take a picture or video and make many adjustments to them before you download them to the story.

One of the most important modifications that you can add to the image and videos is that you can put a lot of stickers on the pictures provided by the application, and you can also use filters with some pictures, pictures and videos, and you can also write some words on the pictures and videos, and you can also choose an image from the gallery And make a lot of modifications, add some effects to it, and then publish it as a story on Facebook Messenger.

How to make a voice and video call in Messenger

Messenger application helps you make high-quality voice and video calls, you can do that by entering the application and choosing the person with whom you want to make a call, and then entering the chat between you and this person, and look at the top of the chat page and you will find next to the person's name a tick The speaker when pressed.

You can make a voice call with this person and talk to him for several hours straight, next to the headphone sign. You will find the video mark when you click on it. You can make a video call with this person and you can continue this call for several hours straight without any interruption or delay in the sound of the picture, But you must make sure of the quality of the Internet connection, and upon completion of the call, you can evaluate this service by clicking on the number of stars it deserves, so that you can make an audio or video call through the Messenger application with ease.


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