Download the application - Google Translate without the Internet

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Download the application - Google Translate without the Internet

Downloading the Google Translate application is one of the largest translation applications in the world. It is very simple in addition to that it includes more than 100 languages. It is translated by writing. You can also select a specific text and paste it in the application and then translate it.

Google Translate application or program helped a lot in translating all languages ​​in an application that provides a great service to the world for free because it is a free application and it is easy to use and does not need you to register an account and nothing just all you need is to add or write the text that you want to translate provides Google Translate application download languages ​​so that you can translate without internet and your parents 59 languages ​​they use when there is no Internet connection.

About Google Translate

A Google translation application or program has helped a lot in translating all languages, and this is one of the greatest features that Google offers us from many other applications. Downloading the Google Translate application, translation applications via the camera, which is by opening the camera that is located inside any application or By photographing the text you want and then you select the speech that you want to translate or select all and then click on Translate or do the translation. The translation is provided by the camera. Languages ​​may reach 38 languages ​​through the camera. Its graphic applications.

Let's explain the drawing method, we mean it opens in front of you a board like a blackboard and you draw the letters on it and the application does its work and translates those words that you wrote or drew. Let's do it after all the languages ​​that Google Translate provides us with - Google Translate the Amiri language, the German language, the Armenian language, the Azerbaijani language Arabic, Belarusian, Portuguese, Catalan, Bulgarian, Police language, Sipan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, English, Danish, Filipino, French, Greek, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and many more ...

Google Translate features:

1. The Google Translate application is characterized by its ease of use, the lightness of the application, the ease of movement, and its compatibility with the mobile.

2. It specializes in translating many languages ​​immediately and does not need any help from you except to paste the text you want to translate.

3. It is distinguished by the feature of conversation, so it enables you to have a conversation with anyone with full confidence. The matter will succeed in your understanding of anyone whose language is other than yours. It also has the feature of drawing letters. The app translates it.

4. It is characterized by translation without internet in you can download all languages ​​and use the application without the Internet. It also has a feature that records any word or text that has been translated, and the program saves it until reference or deletion.

5. Download the Google Translate application from the Play Store website with a direct link.

6. Google Translate requires permission to access the features that are the microphone for speech translation, the text translation camera via the camera, and also the external storage for when using without internet and provides a lot of services etc.


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