Download Athkar For Muslim 2020 Android

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Download Athkar For Muslim 2020 Android  

Athkar for Muslim is a very wonderful application that helps you remember God Almighty always and never so that you do not forget it and when you download the Muslim Remembrance application and open it, the application requests you to give him permission and to choose the language that you want to be mentioned in the application you want the Arabic or English language And choosing the language that suits you, the application will take you to another list, which is a list that welcomes you to the Muslim’s remembrances and makes you happy and enjoys you with a very wonderful, unparalleled experience of faith. Another list which says you should be sure to open the application once every two weeks to work with you so that the application works on updating notices, then the application team asks you to continue the remembrance of God Almighty, and downloading it is free without paying any fees, download the application with a direct link through the Play Store in End of the page.

The advantages of the Muslim Remembrance application on Android

The application of morning and evening remembrances and Muslim remembrances, that if you liked the application, you should present it and display it to your colleagues and friends as this wonderful version gets you to delete ads, add health remembrances, and automatically update from 8 to 5 times a day or low from 5 to 3 times a day or rare, which is from 3 to 1 times a day, you choose what you want, dear.

As is the case in the wonderful design, which is a clear screen with a clear vision of colors and an ongoing validity, and when you click on the Ongoing Honesty list, the program asks you to share the application with your friends and relatives first, and if you click on the settings you can remove the ads to support the application.

Also change the application language. You can also activate the morning and evening remembrance and its alerts. You can also turn off the application’s remembrance. You can also communicate with the technical support of the application team. The application also provides you with the ability to communicate with the technical support of the application through social networking sites Twitter or Facebook and when moving to My reminders list You can add your own remembrances, dear user. It is a wonderful application that makes the remembrance of God always on your tongue.

And if we move to the Muslim remembrance within the wonderful application, you will find the morning remembrances, evening remembrance, sleep remembrance, entry into the mosque, wake-up remembrance and prayer remembrance of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. God be upon him.

Also, it is the best companion for you, O Muslim. You must remember your Lord a lot by using this wonderful application as this application is used by more than 10 million Muslims in various countries of the world. You can also remove advertisements to support the development team by choosing the medal that suits you, including the golden medal with an interesting color that works on Support the team, remove ads, and contribute to reaching 100 million Muslims around the world, whose value is only.

 There is a silver medal that works to support the team and remove advertisements, and its value is only $ 5, and there is the bronze medal that works to support the team and remove ads and its value is only $ 1 once you restore your purchases. A window appears asking you if you have ever bought to remove ads before and you have to answer yes or no If you bought, you will answer yes, and if you did not buy you will answer no, so quickly download this application from Google Play so that the remembrance of God Almighty remains on your tongue always and forever.


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