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Download the My School Books app for students and teachers, Android

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Download the My School Books app for students and teachers, Android 

Good news for all students 'parents, comprehensive educational education for all male and female students' curricula in education and special care for their children from home to school, education posters and teachers for Android, the application provides all curricula and education and teachers also education and teachers also and it is comprehensive for all school levels, as for For the student, a lot of students and parents and the distribution of many of the curricula of the current and previous year, the lessons learned from the previous year for many students and then its time in a short period, attractive, and the point of view of the points that have been taken into account and there are many models of many tests, All lessons and curricula at all levels, and the presence of many comprehensive questions at all educational levels. Download the application with a direct link through the Play Store at the end of the page.

Features of the school books and teachers application 

Education is available in education at all stages of education for all educational, total and educational curricula without any questions, inquiries by students to whom the curriculum or lesson was sent according to the order of sending the heme curriculum, in addition to measuring the levels of students education after each short period of time that is directly By the wonderful application.

The teachers ’proficiency test is calculated to measure the analysis at the end of the year or in the middle of the classroom. It includes many wonderful scientific materials added daily when you connect to the Internet, all of which are presented in a simplified, organized and smooth manner, and a message to students without obstacles, and it is possible to achieve the largest amount of questions and follow-up with parents level Students after the educational platform sent school and teacher requests.

The application includes all educational stages from the first primary, second primary, third, primary, fourth, primary, fifth, sixth, elementary, middle school, first, second, and third preparatory classes, that is the second and third three years of the general secondary stage, and the application developers work on adding an educational platform, children and all Study stages.

At the next levels, in order to benefit from the application at the level of Saudi Arabia, there are presentations and an explanation of the lessons loaded and a guide for the teacher that the student can not access, other than the ability of the application to read the QR code in order to get the teacher lessons easily, there are requirements so that more works easily without running An application to run the application to run the new version of your personal device of your personal device of your own device in running the version that is running on the Android system.