Download the Tango app for Android and iPhone direct link

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Download the Tango app for Android and iPhone direct link

Tango download, there is no doubt that, due to the very great development in Android systems, we have many applications. downloading the program from here, and websites for communications, voice calls and video calls.

Chat and Messenger is like a Facebook application that is rich in definition, which is free to use and you do not need to pay any subscription fees and one of the best of these applications is the Tango application, which has been developed very much in recent times as this program gives you many unique features And to define the Tango program, we say that it is a very special program for all lovers of chat programs and voice calls.

The wonderful application includes many users when the number of users has become more than 100 million people around the world and that is because the program provides its users with all the required features through which you can communicate with all people through voice and video calls and also enable them to send text messages and recordings. Like other communication applications, for example, you can send text or written messages, as in Whatsapp.

Some people might ask why we should use Tango

Whereas recently, Tango was able to provide many wonderful innovations, as the company responsible for the application has updated many games and added them to the program so that the user can enjoy these entertaining and wonderful games and share with friends in playing.

Also, this matter met with a great turnout of users and the number of users increased dramatically after these more than wonderful ideas. Also, this program contains a very unique feature, which is the radar feature, where after using this feature you can know the people near you, get to know them and form relationships with New friends and this plus you will love to use this application.

Because this application contains a distinctive service as the voice and video calls are of very high quality and no type of cutting or jamming occurs, and also the application does not use a lot of Internet data and this feature is very good also the program is very light on mobile devices, which allows With a large number of users, as it leads to any kind of slowdown of the device used in it.

Tango app features

One of the great features of the application is that it is used on many different and varied devices, for example you can download the application on your computer or laptop through a direct link, but it is not available on the company's website, because it has lifted support for it, but you can get it from The different upload centers for iPhone and tablet system. You can get the application with ease, as the application is available on the App Store, where all new updates are obtained for free, easily and conveniently.

- The application is characterized by the fact that internet data consumption is very small and does not consume much internet data.

- The wonderful application contains many of the world's languages, which made it easy to use.

- The application is free without paying any fees and voice and video calls are of high quality and are not interrupted.

- The program has many new updates that are working to develop it significantly.

Also, the program is suitable for all ages, as everyone uses it, whether young or old.


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