Download the latest version of the Uber application for iPhone and Android

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Download the latest version of the Uber application for iPhone and Android

Download the Uber application, the latest version, the Uber application is one of the most popular applications in the whole world. as it is a special driver for you and your family members in your time of crisis, Uber is one of the companies that benefit most people.

Uber is one of the companies that benefit many people and a number of countries, as it is based on requesting a means to get it to the place he needs without any obstacles and in complete safety because the company provides you with knowledge of the name, shape and number of the car that you request, which is considered one of the most safe means Uber has implemented it, so you can order the car that you want to take you to anywhere within your country or within your governorate.

Once you open the application, run the location feature, locate your location and determine the nearest car to you, and it will be in front of you within a certain period of time, where the Uber company cares about customers to a very satisfactory degree and the driver has the same application that you have. There was no one with him and he would accept the request and be able to reach you, and when you ride the car with the driver, no one will ride with you and you remain alone.

This is a great thing from Uber's instructions, to download Uber for Android and iPhone, and Uber also helps you to deliver people and requests to the desired destination, drive your car at any time, and be free from the restrictions of offices and bosses, whatever your destination.

We want you to enjoy your road and respect your privacy very much, as from the advantages you can pay via the application with a credit card or by estimating the application for the distance and calculating its fee and giving it to the driver for the driver, the application is also useful for any driver who wants to provide his income by doing an interview with a company and adding his car to the company.

And to achieve a guaranteed profit, but it is required not to smoke completely inside the vehicle and respect the customer who is traveling with you to deliver him to the required place. When anything happens, you must go or contact the company. As for the customer, you can call the assigned numbers and submit a report or inform any person.

Uber app features

1- You are the manager of yourself. You can drive using the Uber app at any time, day or night. Set driving times in line with your lifestyle and not the other way around for the driver who belongs to the Uber company.

2- The Uber app helps you make all the trips effortlessly and effortless, and the support pages help you create your account, start using the app, adjust fare rates, and much more.

3- Through the safety that the great Uber app offers you, the Uber app contains many features that help you feel safe and confident before, during, and after every trip and if you need help, Uber offers you 24/7 support and customization Numbers to receive complaints.

4- The Uber application is characterized by its smooth handling and use, so you do not face difficulty while dealing with it in reliable use, as it was designed with the help of driver partners and for their benefit

5- The driver can work at any time he wants, according to his desire, as soon as he opens his application, he starts receiving requests and can lock it at a time.

6- You can get free rides when you skip the number of rides, which are much more than the usual. The company sends you through the application many free rides without paying any fees.

7- Uber respects the privacy of the person, and the most important thing is the customer’s satisfaction. When you receive any complaint from any driver, the Uber company must punish the driver who committed the error and it is possible to withdraw the application from him and take him out of Uber

8- The Uber application is one of the most popular applications and the first in the world, and is very useful in critical times.

9- Uber is the most important app in the world, among people, and the best and fastest way to use it.

10- Download the program or application directly from the website and the latest version of the program, then enter the data.

Then you search for the car that you want to ride in, which is close to you, then it reaches you and then asks for where you want to reach.
11- Then you go to the journey you want, then the driver takes you to the place you want to reach, then the price of the trip will be shown to you and you pay the driver.

12- Uber offers always very massive offers up to a 50% discount from the price of the bus + discounts for customers who use the service a lot.

13- A service worthy of you at the great level, very nice prices and a very wonderful service, as there are discount coupons that work to receive you constantly from the beginning of the application's work and it develops from itself very much and continues to improve and improve.

14- The application has become very excellent and there are no problems with it and very wonderful use.

15- Uber has changed the concept of transportation in Egypt, there is no tax theft, no driver hassle, and the speed of arrival is very required. All Uber drivers enjoy manners and adhere to laws, rules and conditions.

16- Prices are at the normal level and excellent, and it is cheaper than the taxi and the cheapest transportation in Egypt. Fast, which brings you to the place you want to reach.

17- You can enjoy your experience with Uber. You can choose a luxury car such as Uber BLACK and there are more options that suit your needs.

18- There is no difficulty in requesting the Uber application, all you have to do is open the application and then use your location to determine the closest person to you, then ask for the closest person and then come to you with ease.

19- You can pay the driver directly or through your driver's visa.

20- There are discounts of up to 25% or 50%. You receive a message on your phone with the discount coupon, then turn on the service, then ask for an uber, then select your trip, then reach your trip, and then pay half the fare for a very nice service.Download an application Uber 2020

Download the Uber application.

the latest version, the Uber application is one of the most popular applications in the whole world, as it is a special driver for you and your family members in your time of crisis. Uber is one of the companies that benefit most people.


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