Download Vinglory Stars v1.0.0 for Android 2020

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Download Vinglory Stars v1.0.0 for Android 2020

Download the Vapinglory Stars Android game with a direct link from the Play Store 2020, you can now download the Vainglory All Stars game for Android. which is one of the strong fighting and suspense games currently on the arena of smart phone platforms, which has imposed itself strongly among many other fighting games that are now going through fierce competition .

Here we are talking about the Vinglorian Stars game, which gives you the opportunity to play combat rounds in a team of three fighters against another team made up of the same number of fighters on the small battlefield and live in the atmosphere of the fighter's character.

We disagree on the type of fighting games we prefer. But if you want a game that depends on the optimal choice of fighting characters, such as the Digital World Evolution game, you have to play Vainglory All Stars. There is no doubt that the fighting games vary between the games of the battle royale or the hero of the battle, the strategy games and the role of the fighting character. But in this article, we will focus on the Vinglory All Stars game, which is one of the fighting games in which you assume the character of a fighter and live with him the most powerful rounds and adventures.

Explanation of installing Vinglory All Stars + obb

1. Download the zip file that contains the complete Venglory All Stars files from the top, and after downloading, extract its contents.

2. Then install the apk file first on your phone.

3. You will use an application to browse the storage memory of the Android phone, and the best application for this is (ES File Explore)

4. Cut or copy the file "" then paste it into the game folder in its path “android / obb” in the main memory path.

5. Run the game, and now you can enjoy it.

Important information about Vainglory All Stars

Who is the hard-to-adapt hero in Vinglory All Stars?

You should be aware, my friend, that in general it will take some time to get used to each of the game's characters. This is what I noticed when I was trying the game for quite some time. But this is an obvious thing for a game that relies on fighting and choosing characters best suited to different fighting situations. But Grace is still the hardest character to adapt and play. This is according to my personal opinion and the opinion of many fans of this exciting game.

In Vainglory All Stars, you have to get used to a lot of shocks. For example, you must bear in mind that the game will be difficult in the beginning of your dealings with it. It will not be easy either for regular players. This requires you to acquire a lot of skills and experience to become an expert in it and get used to all its elements in order to meet the enemies and competitors while you are assured of your capabilities and abilities and the abilities of the fighting character with which you fight.

Therefore, you will find that the character of Grace does not deal with enemies and does not show its full strength and potential except when it is close to the enemy, and with the dubious camera position that makes it difficult to see and read the combat scene well, controlling the character becomes more difficult. The game developers seek to improve the viewing angle in this situation to better control the character of Grace and the rest of the characters.

Vainglory All Stars

Without realizing it, you will have strong affection for each of the game characters. This means that you will love and prefer characters over others. This aspect I see that the game developers have succeeded in mastering it to get more attached to the game and its various characters and seek to try it and unlock more characters by fighting a lot of battles and rounds. Each character in the game has its own appearance and appearance. It also has its distinctive way of fighting in battles, and this is what distinguishes one from the other.

The game is expected to provide us with more heroes and warriors with good details and capabilities in the upcoming updates. Vainglory All Stars has always developed us back in terms of the characters and the various elements that they contain. Therefore, I advise you to update the game whenever you download the new update for it and not just update the one you are playing on at the moment.

What do you need to have strong heroes in Viglor's Stars game?

There is a primary purpose of sending support to the fighting characters in the game, which is to be a strong team through them that helps us win the bloody battles. Of course, this requires spending game money in order to update the character you are fighting with to get the best possible performance from them.

But sometimes we get involved in paying a lot of money to develop the characters, and this matter comes at the expense of developing and updating other game elements. In this game, you will find 12 heroes that appear to you when launched. Here, you must use all your capabilities and abilities to outdo the competitors by using the best characters from among the exhibitors.

Therefore, all you need is to know the capabilities of the hero that you will choose to rely on in the battles of Vainglory All Stars. You are not required to focus more on choosing the hero that will help you to excel, and this is the most important thing in the game on which your strength in rounds depends, your enjoyment of the game and your attraction to it in general. While you are keen to provide your hero with the necessary development, update and accessories for him, you will have powerful heroes like no other, other than those heroes that you used at the beginning of the game.

Game method in Vainglory All Stars

We will talk in the next lines about the way to play this game, and don't forget, my friend, that you are playing one of the character games. In the beginning, when you tap your finger on the battlefield on the smartphone screen, this means that you are directing your hero to that place. And when you click on the enemy, this means that you announce the attack on him and give direct orders to the character you are fighting to launch the attack on him within the limits of its capabilities that you are supposed to be fully aware of, as I explained to you in the previous lines.

And if necessary, you can access the Vinglorian All Stars game settings, and switch the game's controls from default to the virtual buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen if you see that this will be better for you.

Download the game from the Play Store

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