Download the game Clash of Clans for Android

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Download the game Clash of Clans for Android

Download the game Clash of Clans directly from the Play Store, or the game of Clash of Clans is a strategy and timely management game that requires its player skill and savvy to defeat other players.

Where it is necessary to build a village and surround it with an impregnable fortress to repel the attacks of the enemies and invaders, where the brave members live in your village, and then you send it in attacks and raids on the enemies, destroying their camps and villages to prove the courage of the members and collect the spoils of the enemies

The game Clash of Clans is divided into two main stages, in the first stage you build the general structure of the village and employ citizens in various jobs, knowing that you will pay them some money to do this work. While the second stage of the game is the attack on the enemies, by creating a strong and powerful army to be able to defeat the enemies as this requires the player to have some wisdom, cunning and strategy in playing.

The game offers ten different units that you can improve by gaining money and experience, and the most important thing that distinguishes this game is that it is free and available on all devices of the Android system as it is an exciting and entertaining game and attracts the interest of its players, there are a very large number of people who play this game where it arrives They numbered millions of people around the world and from all countries

Features of the game Clash of Clans

In the game Clash of Clans: You are often attacked by enemies while you are far from the game and your shield is down or you may be trapped through them, but do not worry about that, as you are attacked, it gives you an opportunity. All you have to do is take revenge and counterattack them.

This is a unique feature as you can check their villages before attacking and raiding them and also enables you to know their levels, check stores and well and organized planning to attack them, and also you can train your different units on a specific type of attack.

And it is common in Clash of Clans that many believe that the barracks are only for training troops and levels where a large number of troops can even when they are not connected to the Internet, when the forces line up in this way, the elixir required at that time is "consumed", but also you can Cancel training without any penalty for you, which means that you can gather your forces until you fill the barracks.

The factors that affect the size of the thefts that you do are many, but the most important of them is your "Town Hall" level, where if the opponent is at the same level as your "Town Hall" or the highest 1 level or lower 1 level, then you can get 100% of the things. To be stolen, but at level 3, you get 125%. Moreover, the opponent you attacked gets 50% and 25% respectively if he tries to attack you in retaliation for what you did.

It will be very difficult to beat an opponent who owns a Town Hall level 9, but sometimes the target you want to attack is easy, but the most important thing is that your resources will be safe from any attack from strong players, and also the Town Hall level affects the cost of Searching for new opponents.


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