Download the game pubg on the computer 2020 with a direct link

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Download the game pubg on the computer 2020 with a direct link

Download the PUBG game for the computer, a game called PUBG, PUBG, or PUBG, as many searches for it, PUBG, and in English. PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which has caused a stir since its release in late 2017, which is one of the most inflammatory and strongest games in the world.

In other words, as soon as it came out, it reaped millions and millions of downloads, and the site bar became a media channel from YouTube, Facebook and the TWITCH platform, they only talk about it. You and a group of players consists of 100 players and the goal for each of you is to survive and become the last survivor in the game, to download the game.

At the beginning of 2018, the game became available on all devices, starting from the computer, the Playstation, the Xbox, the Android phones, the iPhone, and in the next lines, we will learn more about the game, the way of playing and everything about it in detail, as we have provided you with an explanation of how to download and play it on The computer is free of charge, without any fees.

About the PUBG game for the computer

PUBG (Player Battle Grounds) is a game developed and produced by PUBG Corporation. And Android and the game on phones are not much different from the computer. It is very special and download pubg game for free for PC easily.

PUBG PUBG for the computer

When you enter the game, you define your character by specifying in terms of gender, skin color, hair and features, and after entering the first game in the game, you decide if you want to play alone, i.e. alone or with teams, meaning a band or group after determining that, you move To the preparedness area, 100 people are gathered here, and they are the number of players in the match to equip and collect them before starting. Then the battle begins since you disembark from the plane that determines the landing site to search for suitable weapons and start the battle to become another person alive.

How to play PUBG

In this part, we will explain everything step-by-step from the start of downloading the pubg game for the computer with a direct link until your descent to the battlefield and how to become the last person alive before downloading the game you have enough information so that you do not spend much time in learning and understanding it and we provided you with all this in this information Which we will give you through our long experience in the game Pubg for the computer, the most popular game in the world.

Select the game mode

There is more than one position in the PUBG game, which is playing solo or playing with a group in the same game of friends or randomly selecting in return also determines if you want to play against people individually or against a group and this is up to you, but it is preferable to start playing in team mode Or the group SQUAD, and that is to ask your help in the event of death or illness and bring you back to life again because every person when blood is lacking does not die if he has a team of friends who remains alive for a period of time in an attempt to use it alive from someone with him in the team as the person who did not rise Kill him by completing his elimination.

Determine where to go to the game

Download the PUBG game for the computer for free, where the players are collected from them in one plane that walks directly around the map randomly, which is a large map that contains many places, suburbs and cities, and all you have to do is specify the place you want to land in while you jump, but be careful and jump In a place where there are not many people to collect weapons and equipment quickly and then pursue the enemies so that you are not killed at the beginning of the match and your Rank points decrease.

Weapons in the game

The number of weapons in the game is 21 weapons and the number of additions is 38 additions in the game, which makes the weapon fixed with you during correction and striking together from the treasury that bears a greater number of shots and there are shields and helmets that increase your blood and there is also in the game First Aid which increases Your blood if you are infected.

The types of weapons differ between machine guns, snipers, pistols, and single-shot weapons such as a rifle. Each weapon is preferable to use in the game by using machine guns to target people close to you and medium-distance to make snipers for distant targets, which may be one shot of which may end the enemy's life completely as there are spare weapons such as a knife and a pan. And others, you can use it when a person appears in front of you at the start of the gym and you did not find any of the weapons except for this pan, which was eliminated in it.

Game duration

The duration of the gym may not exceed 30 minutes in the game, often due to the game system that shrinks the collective fighting area to move to a smaller area in the game to meet the rest of the players, but this period may increase so that at the end of the game it may reach the size of the map 1 * 1 meter and if you do not evade The place that has been reduced will decrease your health level until your life ends completely and you die, you should pay attention in the event that a notice appears that the zone (zone) you are in will be reduced and you must move to the safe zone, which you know is a safe area.

Sound and map in the game Peggy

The sound is the most important factor in the game, meaning that you can locate the enemy and their steps through the sound and also the map. If shots are hit in the vicinity, you are alerted in the map, there is someone who strikes fire around you or on you, and in the event that this person is near you also alert you through the map By drawing feet on it, but its precise location is not clearly explained.

Money and currencies in the game

Money, work and gold are not on the game and it does not give you preference. All you can do with it change your personality or buy some clothes in the stores of shoes, shirts and pants and you can buy them lucky boxes and these are many clothes inside and you have one piece that is random (and you and your luck in the game) ).

 The bombing area is the red area in the game

Perhaps you will not be lucky if the area in which you are located is the bombing area or the red zone, as it appears randomly on the map in separate places in the game, and the area is bombed with many missiles, and if only one missile hits you, you will be eliminated. You were your lucky area. You should run quickly places Get out of this red zone or take cover in any neighboring house until this missile strike ends.

The new mod in the game

In the recent period, a lot of new mods and places have been added in the game, including the war mode, which is a choice of uniform wear and unified weapons for the team and you start playing with a certain number of the team and the most team gets points (by killing or helping your friends in Fighting).

And you reach the number of 100 points in terms of the team in this mode, which is very fun and wonderful, and you can play with your friends collectively, and there is also a new mod called MiniMap and it is going down with 100 people in the pubg game for computer and mobile and it is in place A small limiter and start to win and be tougher than a regular mode.

 Cheer Park

The new PUBG update includes an amusement park that can accommodate 20 players at any time. It includes almost all of the main training ground features in the game, and allows players to interact with other players in real time.
1. The player can view players' information, share with them roast chickens, interact with them or add them to the game.

2. This player invites his friends to the park and can grill chicken, sit back and relax.

3. Players can participate in various activities while they are in Cheer Park:

4. Fast combat: You can quickly duel another player by using any weapon you prefer that you want.

You can perform missions in Cheer Park, including the shooting mission and score points that enable you to show your name on the results screen in the game.

Download the game Peggy on the computer with a direct link

Download a game called PUBG for the computer, a game called PUBG, PUBG, or PUBG, as many searches for it, PUBG and in English, PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which has caused a stir since its release in late 2017, which is one of the most explosive and strongest games in the world.


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