How to create a new Gmail with ease

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How to create a new Gmail with ease

You can create a new Gmail email in simple and very easy steps by providing your personal data such as, name, date of birth, etc. and where you live. Gmail is a very popular email service provided by Google, in order to create a gmail account, you must do the registration for an account google, this account will give you access to google suite, and you can have multiple gmail accounts at the same time.

Advantages of creating a gmail account

Gmail is a great email tool for small business owners and freelance professionals, and creating a new Gmail email is a free, fee-free email service that helps in exchanging messages, pictures, videos, files, and many other important documents.

It also helps us to share documents in large quantities, you can have multiple gmail accounts and there are no restrictions on that, and it is easy to set up and use, the best thing is that gmail is included for free and when you register for a new google account.

The importance of creating a new gmail account

When you create a Google account, you can use a gmail account to log in to other applications such as, You Tube, Google Play, Google Store, etc., the email service also contains an inbox, sent items, extension folder and folder, and I also introduce the basics of how to create an account Your gmail account so you can get started quickly, this guide will help you to get your new gmaile account and operate it with minimal effort and without paying any costs, so if you want to create a new email, follow these simple steps.

Steps to create a gmail account

Go to the create a new Google account page, you need to open, and make sure that you log out with any existing google accounts you have.

- Enter your first and last name in the name field.

- Choose a username for your account, and you can use letters, numbers or points in your username from within the settings of your site, but if you prefer to use an existing email address, choose a better option to use the current email address below the username field, and the system ignores writing In capital letters, you may need to try several forms of the username you want. The system will not allow you to choose a username that is already in use. Be aware that the username you choose will be the name that others see if you choose to use other Google services such as You Tube or Google Docs.

- Enter the password that suits you, type a password for your new gmail account in the Create a password field and type the password again to confirm its correctness, and choose a strong password to maintain the protection of your account. The new password is at least eight characters long.

- Enter the month, day and year of your birthday in the specified fields from within the settings, when you place the cursor in the first birthday field, a drop-down list is displayed that contains the months of the year, and write your date of birth in the second birthday field, write your year of birth in the third birthday field.

- Choose a gender option, you must choose this option correctly, select your choice from the drop-down list, you can choose the option (I don't say) if you don't want to be identified by gender.

Enter your phone number, which is very necessary to maintain the security of your account, and I highly recommend filling this field.

- If your country is inaccurate, select the flag for your country in the left corner of this field to choose the country in which you live.

- Type your current email address in the provided field from the options provided.

- Choose your site from the drop-down list in the location field from within the settings.

- Select the Next Step button, google provides its own terms of service, you must agree to the terms to continue creating your account.

- After reviewing, select the I agree button, and the verification page for the account that you have done will appear.

Enter your phone number and select your preferred method of communication. You will receive a code via text message on your phone or a phone call.

- Enter the code in the required and presented box, select the Continue button to complete the settings.

From the My Accounts page, choose the gmail icon from the top of the page or from the apps menu in the upper right corner of the page.

- Choose the Next button until you reach the end of the instructions and the email is activated.

- On the last screen, select the go to gmail button, and the email will then be opened and activated on your device.

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