Download my Talking Angela game for Android and iPhone 2020

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Download my Talking Angela game for Android and iPhone 2020

Download the game My Talking Angela for Android and iPhone with a direct link, you can now download the game Talking Angela My Talking Angela and you will find it with direct links for Android and iPhone and files of all versions. Here, dear reader, we talk about one of the games that is well received by children who like to hold smartphones looking for different games. But this time they will be playing My Talking Angela. It is a quiet game away from conflict and actions that many parents do not like. It is characterized by its attractive colors and the sounds of the cat, which has a wonderful effect on the ears of children and adults as well.

And here we are talking about Talking Angela download, we must mention that we have already talked about the popular cat games in previous articles such as the Talking Tom game and the Talking Tom Friends game. All of these games follow the same approach and have the same purpose and goal, but this time with the cat Angela in the game Talking Angela. All you have to do is practice different activities or help her to practice those activities in order to remain happy and in the best mood. She keeps a child busy always taking care of the cat Angela.

How to play My Talking Angela (5 assists and excels in the game)

Talking Angela Download is one of the best and most fun games. It is very suitable for children, as your son or younger brother can play it and spend fun with it without feeling anxious about unwanted scenes such as combat or bloody scenes or that have hints that are not preferred to be presented to children at an early age. It is also a wonderful and very suitable game for girls, because it mainly depends on the concern and care of the cat Angela to keep her always happy.

Despite the simplicity of the gameplay of Talking Angela, you will probably need instructions that follow her path to advance in the game and make the right start with her. And if you are familiar with the gameplay, there is absolutely no objection to getting some help and trunks from the next lines in this article to raise the level of your experience in this game and play the game at a completely different level. If you really want to, be sure to check out the following help. Learn the best strategies in the game Talking Angela Download, and you also read the instructions and make the right start.

1. Take good care of your cat Angela

You will notice at the beginning of the game levels that the cat Angela is very young in age, that is, she is in the cradle of her life. Therefore, she will need to be bottle fed as a baby. And when Angela grows up, you should immediately find food for her that is suitable for adults or adults. And brush her teeth at least twice a day. Also, you must shower once a day. These two activities will make Angela in a happy mood, and this will also lead to you winning gold coins or many other rewards.

Bear in mind that Angela will have the ability to show different expressions and feelings on her face. Watch her facial expressions and gestures to see what she needs in the moment. Sometimes, as you progress through the levels of the game, the cat will be able to talk to you to tell you what you need now to make it easier for you to understand it instead of the wrong conclusions. This is one of the great features in Talking Angela. For example, when you find her tired, let her rest. Where you can put her in her bed to sleep on it. Angela has the ability to sleep all the time, so you have to set the time to wake up after you only take enough rest, not more than it.

2. Always preserve its freshness and luster

Always bring your cat Angela the best clothes and dresses and make her always look her best. And you can be in constant touch with the latest fashion in Talking Angela game by downloading. This is to make sure that the cat Angela is wearing one of the clothes and her kindness. Also, take care, my dear, to provide her with the best accessories and put her most beautiful make-up to appear in the best way Discover the best clothes and fashion trends for her, and discover the best clothes and jewelry for her.

3. Buy the best accessories

Talking Angela game provides you with an impressive array of stores to buy the best clothes and accessories for Angela cat. Do not skimp on all that you have of gold coins in buying the most beautiful accessories and jewelry, but first make sure that she loves what you buy, so do not buy what you think is suitable and sufficient, but you must be satisfied with the cat Angela as well. And in these stores some cool items such as ballerina shoes and ninja clothes are available. It also has make-up for eyelashes, rouge, mascara and hair products as well. Here comes your taste, dear reader, in selecting the most beautiful accessories that show the cat Angela in the best image and kindness.

4. Put the most beautiful furniture and decorations in the house

In order for My Talking Angela to become a complete game, here she will take care of the furniture and decor of Angela's house. Her house must always be coordinated and adjusted to feel comfortable in it. Arrange the house in a way that makes Angela enjoy all the elements and things around her. You will find in front of you a lot of drapes and posters that you can stick to the wall to complement its look. You can also take pictures of the cat Angela, and you take these pictures to put some of them on the walls, some on the tables, and the rest in the photo album.

And always, my friend, be sure to buy the most beautiful and up-to-date furniture in Talking Angela Download game. You will get more points with higher and faster rating when you buy furniture in Angela the Cat home. If you want to raise your level in Talking Angela, or you want to go to the next level quickly, then you should buy the furniture.

5. Play mini-games and watch videos

One of the best ways to earn gold coins in My Talking Angela is to always make sure that you play the mini-games attached to the game. The more you play these games, the more gold coins you get. Here you will find all kinds of mini-games in this game that suit children in the first place. Where you enter the game of hitting balls with similar colors, as well as games of collecting items, here you choose the game you like and collect from it a huge number of gold coins.

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