Download the Ludo Star game for the original Android

Download the Ludo Star game for the original Android

Download Old Ludo Star, which is a board divided into small squares and there are 4 large squares, each square is colored in a specific color. The 4 squares come out with a line so that the final drawing is four squares coming out of each line square and they work in the form of a fan connected to each other and we find the dice with it.
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Then each player makes this dice, and when the dice stands on the number 6, the star comes out of the square, and so on, but with the number 6 only if the dice stops on a number other than number 6, does the star not come out from inside her square. When the star comes out of the square, it must revolve around the square Complete 360 ​​degree and then enter the line of the same color, download the original old Ludo Star game with a direct link.

After that, you must reach the head of the arrow consisting of a square at the end, but this star will reach the end by shaking the dice and as we mentioned at the beginning that it is a board made of very small squares and above them are large squares that are four squares when we shake the dice, for example standing on No. 4 The star moves or moves forward 4 times. If the dice stops on three, the star moves three times forward, and if we stop responding to one number, the star moves one time forward. Thus, each player shakes his own dice to win the gym and the gold she owns in The game increases by winning, so whenever you win, it gives you additional coins. You can also be the king of Ludo after playing many games.

An overview of the old original Ludo Star game

The original Ludo Star game is one of the best versions to play because it is represented in many games, including you can play with the computer and you can also play with friends and relatives, and you can also play alone and collect coins. You can also play Ludo Online Star in star rooms for more than one person. You can play with two Or with one, or you can play with three. The final number is four. Do you want to defeat all the players?

Come on, download the Ludo Star online game with a direct link. One of the most important features of the Ludo Star game is that you get a Wheel Spin every 24 hours for free, meaning it can reach 500,000 coins from this Wheel Spin. Ludo game offers three game modes, the first of which is the classic mode, the second The quick mode, the third of them, the master mode, in the classic mode, is to put all the special symbols in the house, either the quick mode is to put all the symbols for you, one only because it is the game. Have a star in your place.

The most important features and features of the new Ludo Star Online game

1. Here you can chat with the other player that you play with and send him the emotions that you feel, because it is a very entertaining game. When you play a game and win, you can send him the emoji of laughter, and if you play a game and lose it, you can express your feeling with a sad emoji.

2. It is also distinguished by the fact that every new match gives you a new star by winning many rounds.

3. The game is distinguished by its being a strategic game consisting of a board that includes two or more players, up to a maximum of 4 players competing with each other to win the match to obtain coins.

4. It is distinguished by the fact that each player has one time to roll the dice, so if he skips it, the turn comes to the next player, and if this player wins the number 6 on the dice, he will play another attempt.

5. The game is characterized by being very easy and light, as it is acceptable to run on Android and iPhone devices.

6. The game is completely free, as we provide you with the latest version in this game, and the size does not exceed 30 MB.

7. The number of downloads this game has more than one million installs, and its current version is 1.0.1.


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