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Apple launches iPhone 12, the world's best gaming phone

Apple launches iPhone 12, the world's best gaming phone


Apple launches iPhone 12, the world's best gaming phone

Apple revealed the latest generation of the famous iPhone, the iPhone 12, which the company asserts is the most powerful gaming phone ever.


The American company, and through its conference that was broadcast live through its official channel on YouTube, revealed wholesale advantages related to the performance of its new phone, which comes with strong hardware, as is usual in each launch of a new generation.


In contrast to the advanced technologies in the iPhone 12, the phone comes with the super-powerful A14 Bionic processor, developed by Apple itself, which is an extension of the latest technologies of the famous A processors, which in previous generations provided a performance that exceeded most of the competing phones.


Through its recent conference, Apple promoted the strength of the new iPhone hardware, especially the iPhone 12 Pro version and its older brother, the more advanced iPhone 12 Pro Max, by providing the best gaming performance on smartphones.

The most powerful gaming phone

The most prominent thing Apple relies on in the iPhone 12 is the aforementioned super processor, which the company says provides 50% better performance than the highest and most advanced Android phones in terms of hardware so far.


In contrast to the processor, the company also supported its new phone with a 30% stronger graphics processor than the previous one, and the phone's support for the fifth generation 5G communications, adding to the gaming experience another dimension in terms of performance, as it provides very fast connection while playing online games, Even faster than current fast Wi-Fi networks.


The phone was also added to the sensor called LiDAR, which aims to provide a higher level of augmented reality technology in the iPhone 12, which can be used in some games, as well as in applications that benefit from this concept.


The fun gaming experience on the iPhone 12 is complemented by the new OLED screen enhanced by the ultra-bright Retina Display technology, which provides the user with a better view of the details within the games, while the phone's hardware allows games to run in general at the best settings for quality and frame rate.


And Apple announced its new phones, which bore the names iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro along with the iPhone 12 Mini with a small screen.