Download Barbie dress-up game direct link 2021

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Download Barbie dress-up game direct link 2021


 Download the Barbie Fashion Closet dress-up game for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version, one of the most enjoyable games especially for girls, because it is one of the most popular games related to the world of fashion and beauty, it is the nature of girls to love choosing fashions, fashion clothes, haircuts and changing color, after downloading the Barbie Fashion game On the phone, you can also change the shape of the bride in terms of facial rotation, eyebrow shape, and makeup color, in addition to choosing the appropriate accessories and shoes, coordinating the colors of Barbie's clothes, and other tasks.


You can also take multiple photos of the final shape for designing clothes, hairdressing, choose the color and shape of the shoe, share it with many friends, or keep it in your photo album on the game platform as well as the presence of more than one character inside the game, namely Barbie, Natalie, Teresa, Weeping and others One of the popular cartoon characters.


Download Barbie dress-up game for Android and iPhone with a direct link


Downloading the Barbie dress-up game, and the developer of the Barbie Fashion game has made sure when the first version of it was launched since 2017 AD to add all the girls want from sweatshirts and pockets or pants and dresses in addition to some effects or change the background of the place and then keep the image in the photo album after entering Several modifications to it.


It is worth noting that it is available free of charge on many official stores for smartphones without any charge, but it contains many annoying advertising materials, as well as its ideal size that does not constitute a burden on the internal phone memory, as it is light and does not negatively affect the resources of the phone. About its most prominent features and the playing mechanism inside it, we will mention it in detail in the following paragraphs.


Features of the new Barbie dress-up game Barbe Fashoin Closet


1. Barbie dress-up game is characterized by many different and different advantages, all of which fulfill all that girls like, whether young or old girls who love the world of design and fashion, and among the most prominent features of the game:


2. It includes many elements by which you can shape and design the bride as you want, from hair to toe.


3. The graphics of the game and its high-quality graphics, where the features of the bride and the colors of the clothes are beautifully displayed in the wonderful 3D technology, adding an atmosphere of fun and excitement within the game.


4. Photo album is one of the most important and prominent things in the game Barbie ™ Fashion Closet as it makes you able to keep all the different designs that you add to the bride in terms of clothes, hair shape, color and other fun things inside the game.


5. The size of the Barbie Fashion game is great and suitable for many smartphones, as it does not exceed 70 MB, and it is freely available and does not require additional fees and supports many different operating systems.


6. The ability to add many effects and adjustments to the image after capturing it in terms of the background and various color effects, in addition to the availability of many different frames that give the image a wonderful look.


To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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