Download Microsoft Teams for PC, Android and iPhone with a direct link

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Download Microsoft Teams for PC, Android and iPhone with a direct link


Download the Microsoft Teams application with a direct link to the latest version, after the massive spread of the Corona virus around the world. forcing educational institutions and companies to work and learn remotely, so the search for a program that provides a safe and easy way to communicate, complete work and follow the progress of the educational process, there are a lot of programs Which supports communication and teleconferences, the most famous of which is the Microsoft Meeting Program. Downloading the Microsoft Teams software for computers provides a safe and effective solution for communication between teachers, students, administration and employees.


How to download Microsoft Teams to your computer and phone


1. You can download Microsoft Teams for free from the download button in the previous paragraph above.


2. Wait until Microsoft Teams is fully loaded.


3. After that, you install the program and install it on your computer and phone.


4. The installation process may take a while, wait a while.


5. Now that the TEAMS program is actually running, proceed to the next paragraph to log in to the program.


How to register with Microsoft Teams


How to register in Microsoft Teams, when you install the Teams program correctly, now you must log in to the program, note the following picture that shows the process of logging in to the program.


How Microsoft Teams works


1. Main interface

2. The home page in the Microsoft Teams program includes information about the teams and members. You can also start a group meeting, get to know the members participating with you in the team, and share publications with others. We will explain the side menus in the explanation below. Note the appearance of the home page after localization.


How to create a meeting in Microsoft Teams


- From the Meetings side menu you can create a new meeting or schedule a meeting for a later time.


After setting up the meeting and starting with it, you can control the audio and video, raise the hand and show the conversation, and show the participants in the meeting.


An invitation to join Microsoft Teams


How to invite people to the team by copying the link of your team or through e-mail, click on invite people as in the previous image, then choose how you want to invite people through, the invite people button.


You can share files and photos


From the side tabs you will find a files tab. In Microsoft Teams, you can share files and pictures with your team, and any member can share files with everyone.


To download the program for the computer


To download the program for Android from the Play Store


To download the program for iPhone from the AppleStore


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