Download Microsoft Word for the phone for free, latest version

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Download Microsoft Word for the phone for free, latest version

Download Microsoft Word for Android and iPhone phones, the latest update with a direct link. As the Word program saved many users to complete their work in a shorter time than they were on their computers or laptops. Since it does not force you and works to restrict you to finish your work at a specific time, but through your small phone, whether a tablet or a mobile cell phone, you can write your work faster while you are abroad, and it can be worked on with only one hand, in addition to the voice support service, By downloading the Microsoft Word application, using the keyboard or the keyboard of the phone that includes a mike, you can say what you want to write to be automatically written on the word page in front of you.


Word is also one of the free programs that have a reasonable space to some extent, and it also enables the user to complete his work and send it to friends via e-mail, and the file can be transferred from the phone to the laptop via bluetooth or via the connection very easily, so a large number of Technical experts must install the Microsoft Word application because of its advantages and many characteristics, as it is one of the programs that has no competitor at all, as it contains all the settings and tools of the regular Word program on Microsoft computers and laptops in addition to many of the advantages that we will list about Microsoft Word During the next lines, with providing all direct links to phones with different operating systems.


Download Microsoft Word for Android and iPhone, the latest version, with a direct link


Download the Microsoft Word application for Android and iPhone with a direct link. Microsoft, which is rich in definition and has a long history in the technological market and the technical world, has released a copy of the Word program that has gained wide popularity on computers and no one has been able to do without it to accomplish many tasks, as it is one of The famous writing programs that have a long history and successive and different versions in each version, including a new feature and a modern addition, and after this success the company decided to assign an order to launch a copy of Microsoft Word for many smartphones that support different operating systems.


And the president of Microsoft, Mr. Brad Smith, wanted to launch an application that matches the version of the program used on computers, as the company flourished with its name over many years and produced this program, which is considered the most famous written programs dating back to 1983 AD, and then the company relied on a large group of Skilled programmers following the spread of smartphones in order to keep pace with the era and its modern technological developments, in order to extend its free services and reach the largest number of users. Indeed, the first version of the Microsoft Word program has been launched since 2015 on the Google Play Store, and it has continued to be unrivaled success throughout the previous years .


WORD has many advantages in changing writing styles and font size with the possibility of phonetic writing in addition to the availability of many different types of formats such as headings, alignment, identification of paragraphs and other different written formats, in addition to the ability to share the file via e-mail or connect printing to the phone The paper is easily printed, as well as many other characteristics and advantages.


Microsoft Word 2020 features latest update for free


Word has a large number of advantages, as the number and percentage of its download and use among many individuals and smartphone owners is a very large number compared to the number of years it has been available on the App Store and Google Play platforms, as it has gained a great fame and popularity that extended to include many countries of the world, and among the most prominent of these Advantages:


Word contains a multiple toolbar, inside the pages of the new document there is a very versatile toolbar that includes the ability to make a bold font or insert a line under it in addition to the availability of a number of colors that can be used to add some colored writing text, a sign of that there are many coordination tools, either With points or numbers with a special tool to move the text left and right, with the ability to insert a graphic, table, image and other tools available on the famous Microsoft Office Word program on Windows and laptop, so make sure to have it to accomplish your work without fear, as it is already very similar to the original program But in miniature.


One hand and a comfortable session can be used to complete the work, as we have previously mentioned that Microsoft Word is one of the famous writing programs that most government and private sector workers and various self-employed people rely on as it is the basis for writing on the computer that came after the typewriter era, and the monastery mentioned that it includes Most of the tools and features of the basic version of the program on Windows, and the phone keyboard you can type with one hand while you are lying on the bed, unlike the computer keyboard that requires working on it with both hands in addition to staying formally for ease of use.


It includes many menus and forms. After entering the Microsoft Word interface, we will find on the left side of it a set of menus and options specific to each topic. If you are looking for a search form, you will find it among the options. If you are looking for a blank page without a goal, you can click on it, in addition to Many other options that you can navigate through as you like between them, knowing that the application automatically saves all the changes that you have made, so you do not worry in the event of any malfunction of the phone or a sudden interruption of the battery charge, all modifications will be saved.


The possibility of naming and sharing the file, just like Microsoft Word, like the copy of Windows. You can rename the file where all files are kept under a document name, which you will find at the top of the interface of the top writing page, all you have to do is click on it to appear a writing bar. With the ability to share the file by clicking on the subscription icon next to the file name to show you several options, either via bluetooth or email.


The search feature inside the file, you may have written a long file consisting of a large number of pages inside Word and want to search for a specific word or phrase all you have to do is click on the lens mark to show you a written bar. Write down the search word and wait for it to come to you inside A yellow square, plus there are two arrows next to the lens icon that you can click to reach other places for the search word.


The advantage of knowing the page number and the number of words, an important feature within Microsoft Word is available, which is the ability to know the number of pages of the file that you have written in addition to indicating the number of words that you have inserted inside the file, which makes you aware first-hand of all the details of your file, and you can Know this by clicking on the writing page, to show you the number of pages and words at the bottom of the page, indicating the number of the page where you left off.


To download the program for Android from the Play Store


To download the program for iPhone from the Apple Store


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