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Download Netflix Party


Download Netflix Party

Download Netflix PartyGoogle has introduced a new addition to the Chrome browser known as the "Netflix Party" extension, which allows users to watch movie content with friends remotely from all over the world.


The spread of the Corona virus has led to the launch of many new services on Internet browsers that can provide better support for users with restrictions imposed on the movement of many countries and people to prevent the spread of the virus, and among the services provided by Google today, in the addition of "Netflix Party" in a browser Chrom.


By adding the "Netflix Party" Netflix Party in the Chrome browser, users can enjoy watching movies and series content from the Netflix service for free with friends and family remotely and from all over the world, so even with the user away from friends and family by several miles and kilometers, the service will allow enjoyment By watching movie content with them in real time.


This service can be activated by downloading the Netflix Party extension for Chrome on your computer at first, and the user will need to register for a Netflix account, and then the Netflix Party extension will allow the synchronization of video playback and movies in real time with friends or family, all over The world and chatting with friends and family at the same time through the chat rooms available on the right of the screen.


It is planned that the Netflix Party extension is currently available for Chrome browser only on computers, where after registration and installing the extension on the browser, you can choose the movie or series the video content, and then click on the NP button in the upper right corner of the screen from the Google browser Chrome is next to the address bar, where the link for the movie or series will appear to share with friends or family, or invite friends in chat rooms all over the world.


Also, if the user receives an invitation to subscribe to the Netflix Party service, the user can also go to the NP button in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser to start subscribing to the Netflix Party.


To download Netflix Party computer