Download ProCam 7, the latest version, with a direct link

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Download ProCam 7, the latest version, with a direct link


Download the latest ProCam program with a direct link. Many iPhone users searched for the ProCam7 download link for free, and we have provided it for you to obtain it without the need to pay any monthly subscription or money to download it, you can try the download process through the link Available at the bottom of the topic, Prokam 7 for iPhone is considered one of the most advanced camera programs that make you take more professional pictures.


It cannot be captured by any recent iPhone version, regardless of the quality of your phone's camera. Installing the ProCam 7 application on iPhone phones gives you the ability to use many effects for a unique photography experience, as it acts as a control camera built into your phone, which includes many From settings that take you to an adventure and nothing wonderful.


The advantages of downloading ProCam Pro Cam7 will not only stop at the limit of photography, but you can also shoot many different videos in a more wonderful way, since the Prokam 7 application is able to convert your regular iPhone camera into a DSLRs camera used by most famous photographers because of its effects. And very distinctive additions, and the program gives you the advantage of precise control over every gap inside the images, so many technical experts in the field of various integrated camera applications praised the Procam7 program, which had several advanced stages up to the current version 7, in which we will list all its advantages and settings


Download ProCam 7, the latest update, with a direct link for iPhone and Android


ProCam 7 is one of the most popular built-in camera programs on the iPhone device in all its versions, and the developer for it Azzam Group of Companies, a leader in the world of Android and iPhone software, is considered one of the paid applications that you can get for only $ 6, or 99 EGP, from Through the official App Store for iPhone phones, it also comes to you in a very appropriate size that is compatible with all the different versions of the iOS operating system, as well as the ability to control every gap within the image or video clip and add many modifications and effects to it, as there are many features that make you Control the exposure, duration and timer before the video starts.


In addition to the support of Procam7 for Tiff and Raw format images as well as the camera integration feature in order to focus the photography more accurately, as the program uses a very important feature, which is the Focal Length feature, which works effectively and efficiently than the digital focus feature available in many Other photography applications, if you are already looking for a professional camera that provides you with more than 60 filters and effects within photos and videos, you will not find it more wonderful than the ProCam 7 application, which is available with more than 17 lenses with different focus areas with many effects that make you able to Outstanding professional photos and videos, in addition to many other benefits.


ProCam 7 features, the latest free version for iPhone


Prokam for iPhone has many advantages, so it is enough that it is one of the applications that completely replaces you from your phone's camera, as it provides features and advantages that are not available within the cameras of the latest iPhone phones with modern operating systems, and even if your phone's camera does not work with high quality, this application will completely replace you. Also, due to its high quality and powerful imaging focus, the advantages of the application are as follows:


Multiple advantages for taking pictures via ProCam, ProCam7 download contains many features and settings that provide you with the best experience for taking pictures professionally, as it provides many different modes while taking the front or background image, and it also provides a feature to take pictures in night mode where It provides the advantages of high-quality lighting control, and within it is available to quickly capture more than one image with the click of a button, which most professionals call the photo session feature.


Prokam version 7 also provides the ability to control the lighting while taking the picture. If you are taking a picture in bright sunlight or in very low light during the absence of the sun, the application will control the lighting element to show the image optimally, through the slow shutter feature Slow Shutter, which adjusts the color and brightness of the image, and there is a timer that you can set in order to start taking the photo, which ranges from 5 to 30 seconds.


The application provides a longitudinal focus feature, one of the most prominent features that the ProCam 7 application provides is the longitudinal focus feature called Focal Length, which is more accurate and quality than the digital focus features that most other imaging applications for iPhone and Android rely on, as it integrates 2 camera application camera and camera The main phone for more accurate focus while taking many pictures, through which you can see the smallest details within the image with bright colors highlighting the main features of the image, and the program also provides a 3D imaging feature that makes you see the image as if it is real in front of you, but these two features require that the phone be Equipped with a dual camera, as well as many other imaging features.


The application provides a video recording feature, ProCam7 free program is not only an application to capture many photos, but through it it can record entire videos, as it uses the Time Lapse feature that provides you with the ability to record videos quickly and with highly advanced features, as well as control over The shutter unlocks and closes very quickly because the app offers you a Shutter Release.

The application also provides a special timer in order to determine the duration of the video recording, not only that, but by recording a video clip, you will be able to remove any jolts or vibrations during the capture of the video, because the program provides the anti-shake feature that removes all the effects of hand shaking and trembling During the registration process.


You can also capture videos that include fast movements, such as representing some sports movements, skipping in the air, or any quick movements without any negative effects or vibration, as it can record in a very accurate mode to show all the details more quality, as if you see it with your eyes and not from Through a screen.


In addition, many features have been provided by which you can control the number of frames for different recording processes, with one click. This feature works efficiently and effectively only on iPhone Five and iPhone Six phones.


Sometimes you may want to record a video and you may receive an important call or want to do something surprising during the recording process, so do not worry about this matter as the pro cam application provides you with the ability to stop recording and complete it at a later time, and this will not appear at all while playing the clip.


To download the program for Android from the Play Store


To download the program for iPhone from the Apple Store


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