Download WaStickerApps 2020 for Android with a direct link

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Download WaStickerApps 2020 for Android with a direct link


Download the WaStickerApps 2020 application, the latest version for Android, which carries many modern and trendy stickers and WhatsApp stickers that give your conversations an atmosphere of fun and excitement, as you may be bored of old WhatsApp stickers and icons that cannot express your true status, so you may WaStickerApps 2020 is here to take away boredom with various stickers.


When you download WhatsApp stickers, you will have fun between many different types of stickers, which vary between funny stickers and stickers taken from the infographics of the most famous Egyptian movies and series, in addition to stickyman, steaky women, and other other stickers.


But beware, since after installing the application the latest version, it only works on the original WhatsApp version, in addition to the necessity to update the original version to the latest version, so that the application works and supports the program stickers in an easy and fast manner, and for more information about all the details of this program, follow us through the lines. Coming.


Download the new WhatsApp stickers and stickers app for Android WaStickerApps 2020


The WhatsApp Sticker Program is the most popular program that includes a variety of wonderful WhatsApp stickers, as the developer of this program, Awsm Apps, has studied several complaints about the traditional WhatsApp stickers, which led to boredom leaking to them as they do not express their true condition.


Therefore, the company launched the WhatsApp stickers program since the middle of last year, and added a lot of stickers and various emojis, which attracted a large number of people. The company has offered two versions of this application, one of which works for free without the slightest fee.


The link was provided on the official store for Android and iPhone phones, while another paid version was released free of any annoying advertising material in addition to containing a large number of additions and new features, and the program is also distinguished by its small size that does not exceed 15 MB for easy downloading and accessibility, as well. For an easy and simple mechanism of use.


WaStickerapps WhatsApp stickers program features


The WhatsApp Label Program is characterized by many advantages that made it one of the applications that occupied advanced positions in the download ratios among the various sticker applications, and among its most unique features:


It is simple and compact in size and does not need much space to get it.


It contains many different topics, which makes the user able to choose the appropriate emoji for the topic or the state he feels, and each topic has different parts with small areas so that you do not have to download all the stickers related to the topic you want.


The ability to share the WhatsApp sticker program with many friends to add more fun to the conversation.


It serves most of the Middle East countries because it contains posters of Arab films known, preserved and exchanged by a large number of Egyptians, in addition to some Gulf posters that users of the Arab Gulf states are accustomed to.


Download it from the Play Store


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