Download the Clash of Clans 2020 update

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Download the Clash of Clans 2020 update


Download the game update for Clash or Clans 2020 with a direct link for free, after the new update for the game Clash of Clans was released on. as some major changes occurred to the game, here we offer you a full explanation of the new additions in the Autumn 2020 season update Halloween, this article provides a full explanation of the new additions in each update, if any, and the new system in finding opponents and defending the city, and to know the details of the update and how to update the Clash of Clans game for Android, follow the following paragraphs.



October Fall Clash of clash of clans Autumn Update 2020


After downloading the latest Clash of Clans update 2020 issued in October on 10/9/2020, you will find many changes, as Super Sale has made many and interesting additions to Clash of Clans Update 2020, in this update we will reveal new cards and new superheroes, Follow us to find out what's new this season, the Halloween update from Clash of Clans.


We summarize for you the most prominent additions of the Fall 2020 update for the Clans of Clans as follows:


Super Valkyrie


An attractive heroine with a spell of anger on her back, loves to turn, and does 360 degree damage rotating with a huge double-blade ax, her strength causes mass destruction and great chaos, when the Valkyrie receives fatal damage she receives an anger spell on herself to improve her strength, and everyone around her gets better during the casting of the spell .


Super Minion


A stronger and larger version of the regular Minion, and the most important feature of it is that it attacks from afar and carries several destructive missiles in its package, launches five attacks from a longer range, and is used to snipe buildings at the beginning of the attack in preparation for suppression, or to take out specific defenses.


Pirate warden


This seasonal fighter is a temporary soldier that came with the Halloween update, in the Halloween season the pirate character appears, and you get a new look for the game.


City base updates 13


New buildings such as Archer Tower and Hidden Tesla were added, and the area of ​​the army camp was also increased.


Modifications to Supercel ID


There are a lot of modifications to the Super Sale number, where you can add new friends to play all Super Sale games, and you can also change your profile picture.


Back skeletons barrel


And this fighter, who was previously in the game, is brought down structures bearing explosives to detonate the walls of the enemy village and facilitate their storming.


To download the game Clash update


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