Download the Euro Truck Simulator game, with a direct link

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Download the Euro Truck Simulator game, with a direct link


Download the Euro Truck Simulator game for Android and iPhone, the latest version with a direct link, the Euro Truck Simulator is one of the most fun car games, which needs professionals in the world of driving on different roads, because it is of different types, different car games that need to drive heavy freight cars, and you The basis of its tasks is to carry a lot of heavy equipment and move them from one place to another, and this is what you will actually find inside a game.


Where you can download the Euro Truck Simulator Part 1 game, you can choose the truck you want to travel, in addition to choosing the city from which you will start your journey and business, as the famous European Truck World game provides you with a map with many European countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium and others to choose what you want, as well as customize the truck and change its color because the game contains the most famous brands of European heavy transport vehicles such as ??? Which consists of huge and powerful engines, in addition to that, you can choose the weather, customize the walking route, and many other fun things within the game.


Download Euro Truck Simulator game for Android and iPhone, latest update


Download the Euro Truck game, which is a heavy cargo car driving game, which is an integrated series, the first version of which has been launched since 2015, and then some versions rolled into successive parts, due to the success achieved by this part specifically, as it supports many modes, including Single mode for playing and enjoying driving within many countries to implement different and varied tasks in terms of delivering and transporting goods in the big box such as iron, wood and other equipment, in order to make money that you can use to buy stronger engines and cars that help you to cross the next stages.


In addition to the online multiplayer mode, you can meet many real people and open voice chat with them for more fun and excitement, and you can also race with them, or run away from police cars in the event that you commit some lawless mistakes while walking, and other distinctive situations that enable you From walking in some off-road, fast and classic roads, and by customizing the weather in which you want to drive the car, whether rainy or stable, and you can also choose the timing between day and night.


Features and features of Euro Truck Simulator


The game has many advantages that led to its spread and put more than one part of it in every part. The programmed company adds many improvements and new developments, and the most prominent advantages of this game are:


The feature of communicating wirelessly with the owners of surrounding chargers about specific things such as the weather or responding to someone about the weather, in addition to asking them about the traffic status of a particular road, and other questions that you can use the wireless for.


The ability to record the best shots inside the Euro Truck Simulator Truck Simulator game by clicking on the video icon at the top of the screen and sharing it with many friends.


You can view the car from more angle so that you can drive well, and it is worth noting that it contains huge mirrors to see what is behind you from the collision.


To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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