Download the Facebook Desktop program for the computer latest update

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Download the Facebook Desktop program for the computer latest update


Download Facebook Desktop 2020 for Windows 7 and Windows 10 with a direct link to the latest version, it is considered one of the most programs that met a very large download rate, as Facebook is the most wonderful is the most famous social networking platform around the world, so you will not find now anyone who does not have an account on the platform Facebook is small or large in various parts of the world, given that it is one of the means of communication between individuals from all sides, as well as the ability to chat with friends with voice and image and exchange comments and wonderful expressions.


Also, installing Facebook for the computer enables you to browse, communicate and watch videos in a larger size on the laptop screen, and the methods of getting the Facebook Desktop program to use it have varied easily without the need to enter the browser and search for Facebook and other tiring procedures, but you can download it easily through The Microsoft Store is in addition to the possibility of using it as an add-on for the Google Chrome browser, as are many other extensions such as Gmail, Google Translate, and other Chrome extensions.


In addition to the ability to run the application itself for Android on the computer through the BlueStacks emulator, not only that, but the work team of Programs Plus website has provided links to download the Facebook program for the computer on the surface of the computer screen easily through direct links, and we have provided all the download links below the topic in addition to To clarify the download methods in each method separately, so that each user can obtain it in the way that suits them.


Download Facebook Program for Windows 7 and Windows 10 Facebook Desktop 


Download the Facebook program for the computer, an information that many may not know about the Facebook program for the computer, as most users, when wanting to log into the Facebook platform, first log in to the computer's browser, and then write down the name of the official website of Facebook after that the user enters the mail The electronic mail and the pass number, and not all of this and the matter is easier and easier than you can imagine, as it has become a short icon that is placed on the desktop of the computer and is clicked to open the program immediately, and then logging in, browsing, exchanging comments and reacting with many friends easily.


Facebook was launched for the first time about 16 years or more and won very wide popularity among users around the world, so Mark, the founder of Facebook, introduced many improvements and developments from time to time, after it was just a website, it became an application that works easily on Android and iPhone phones through the official stores of those phones, and then it became available on the Microsoft Store for computers operating according to the operating system 8 or 10, as well as providing Facebook download links for the computer Facebook Desktop for the Windows 7 operating system.


It is worth noting that it has become available and available with new icons and various colors for more fun and entertainment for users, as through those Facebook settings for the computer, you can easily change the color of its icon, and the interface and design of the program varies from Windows to another, where you will notice through the next paragraphs that the interface and shape The format varies and evolves from one version to another, not only in form, but there are some settings that are added and modified in each update and in each latest version.


It is worth noting that it is available in a light size with the ability to exchange messages and make many conversations with friends through the same Face computer program through the Chat or Messages icon, so it works as two applications at the same time, and you can also open the program to work on a full screen or reduce its size to run in the middle The screen is also sufficient because it is freely available and supports many different languages ​​that have contributed to its spread among many users of the Facebook platform around the world.


Steps to log in and download the Facebook app for Windows 8 or 10


First Step: Open the Microsoft MicroSoft App Store through the Start button located in the lower left bar on any laptop or computer running Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.


Second Step: Search for the program by its name in English or Arabic and then click on the download button and choose a location for it inside one of the CDs on your personal computer.


The third step: Or if you encounter difficulty in making the previous steps and to save time we provided you with the Facebook Windows 10 installation file only. All you have to do is download from the link at the bottom of the article and then click on the file in order to install the Facebook PC Pc program where the program interface will show all that You have to click on the Install button.


Step Four: A blue bar will appear. Wait until this bar is full, which symbolizes the end of the installation process for the program icon to appear on the desktop, and then you can click on this icon to open it and log into it directly.


Fifth step: The program interface will appear in a flat, blue color similar to that available on many different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla and other other browsers, where two boxes will appear, one for entering the email or phone number and the other for entering the password and then click on the Login button To enter your personal profile.


How to create an account within the Facebook program for the computer


1. First, log in to the official Facebook website through any of the different web browsers, which is


2. Next, click on the Create a new account for Facebook button.


3. A window will appear that looks like a form that requires you to fill in a lot of information, which is primarily the username, last name, or the name with which you are famous.


4. After that, click on the button to enter the date of birth and write down the day, month and year, bearing in mind that the user is not less than 13 years old, otherwise this account will not be approved.


5. Enter the phone number you want to register with in the Facebook computer program, then enter the e-mail and then choose the user's gender between a boy or a girl.


6. After completing the registration of the previous data, then recording the password that you want to write inside the application, and make sure that it is difficult to guess by those close to it and that it is made up of numbers, small letters, and large letters in addition to some symbols.



Download BlueStack emulator for PC


Download the Facebook program for the computer for the Windows 7 operating 


Download the Facebook program for the computer for theWindows 10 operating 


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