Download the Fortnite battle royale game computer version 13.0.0

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Download the Fortnite battle royale game computer version 13.0.0 


Download the Fortnite Battle Royale game, the most famous game in the world of action and adventure games, which is similar to the game of Peggy. and the most important characteristic of the Fortnite game and makes it one of the favorite games for users is the new building feature that enables you to build shelters to protect yourself with it, continue With us in the article to find out how to play and the continuous updates to download Fort Knight on the computer 2020, follow here also the update of Fort Knight Season 13 the new thirteenth season 

Learn the idea of ​​Fort Knight for the computer

What is the idea of ​​the Fort Knight computer game, the Fort Knight Battle Royale game is a strategic combat game designed by Epic games, and it contains 100 players in one map, who throw themselves from a bus flying over a deserted island, in which the players are chased, and each player collects weapons And building materials that help build forts and castles to have the ability to repel enemy attacks, protect the player and survive for a long time, as the last player who survives wins the match.

Create a Fortnite account for the computer

The best way to create a Fortnite account for the computer, after downloading and installing the Fortnite Installer, a window will appear for you to choose a way to log in to the Fortnite game, you can log in to the new account through a Google account or through one of your Facebook account:


If you click on Facebook or a Google account, you will be taken to a browser to give the access to your account, and then it will return you to the Fortnite installer to complete the process of creating the Fortnite account and enter your data such as name, email and account password, then choose Continue to note the image.


You will receive a confirmation code on your email address, enter it to complete the process of creating a Fortnite account for the computer.


To download the game for the computer


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