Download the Internet Download Manager program with a direct link

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Download the Internet Download Manager program with a direct link 


Download the Internet Download Manager program with a direct link to the latest version, the Internet Download Manager program has gained great popularity among users, through the smart and fast download of all the files they want, whether for applications, games and other files, and the program also supports many operating modes for those files, in This article will explain everything about Internet Download Manager.


Features and characteristics of Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager is one of the most important and strongest programs that the user relies on to download the files he desires easily and at maximum speed, which saves time and effort for users while they download files, especially as it does not require a process of fragmentation of files for downloading, as it is able to Download all files at super fast speed.


The program is compatible with many different and most popular web browsers, which helps in downloading all types and sizes of different files quickly with the feature of automatically shutting down the device after the download has ended.


The program allows all users to download images, videos and other various files with ease, files are downloaded at a speed that represents 5 times the download speed that is done from other programs, which attracted millions in order to rely on it to download all files.


Download Internet Download Manager for PC and Android direct link


The program competes with many other programs specialized in downloading files that help users to download and take advantage of the file download service instead of browsing them over the Internet when needed every time, so that it saves more time and effort for users, especially in the event of an internet interruption during uploading and downloading files so that Files are preserved for reloading from the time of the interruption, not from the beginning.


- This program is compatible with many browsers and different file formats that users need, and it is also available in several languages, whether Arabic or English, which helped increase its spread.


About Internet Download Manager


The program contains many features and characteristics that are not available in many other programs, which made it obtain an advanced position in the most downloaded programs in order to take advantage of them in downloading various files and applications, and from the advantages provided to all users the following:


The download and playback speed of all files that are downloaded from the Internet, as it is characterized by the maximum speed of the connection during the process of downloading files on different devices.


In the event of an internet interruption, it provides a feature to complete the interrupted files before the download ends, in order to complete it and not start from the first, to save more time for users to download.


It helps users to obtain files easily through the ability to classify files, after automatically downloading all files, including videos, pictures, programs and various files.


The download process is available for all files of different sizes and formats, as it allows the possibility to download images of the site or the site completely from audio and image files.


Supports all internet browsers that allow users to download the files they want to download via the browser that the user wants.


Compatible with different operating systems, the program is characterized by lightness and ease of use and download on all devices that are compatible with different operating systems.

Supports a number of international languages.


Internet Download Manager is the best and most popular download and download program from the Internet, and it helps in downloading free applications for Android and iPhone and the best programs for the computer.


To download the program to the computer with a direct link


To download the program for Android from the PlayStore


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