Download the children's police game

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Download the children's police game


Children Police download a fake call, the latest version with a direct link that many parents love because of its positive educational effects, as it is based on the father or mother receiving a fake call from a person who claims to be a policeman and gives some advice by enticing the child who does not listen to words His parents, the one who cries a lot, or the one who does not want to eat well or sleep at night times, and then the phantom policeman begins to intimidate at times until the child is afraid and hears the words, and the carrots at other times.


Download the children police game for Android and iPhone, the latest version, with a direct link


Download the children's police game, when you install the kids police game on the phone, you will find that it includes more than one Arabic accent because it is mainly directed to Arab children, so all you have to do is choose the dialect that you want to communicate with the policeman.


It is worth noting that the game is available free of charge to several countries, to find that the method of intimidation is to put the child in prison with the launch of the car's whistle and the carrot method is based on the child's promise of giving him the sweets he loves if he listens to the words of his parents.


So if you have a naughty child and you suffer from his behavior, we recommend that you download the terrifying child police in order to modify the child's behavior without hitting or raising the voice on the child, which may affect negatively.


Features of the kids police game for girls fake complement the latest version


The Children Police game has many advantages and characteristics that made it one of the most important educational behavioral assessment games that have been very popular among many parents, and among the most prominent advantages of this game are:


The game is available on the official Google Play and App Store for smartphones, which makes it easy to download them from reliable sources.


The size of the kids police call game is very small, as it is one of the light and small games that do not take up much of the internal smartphone space.


It is based on two methods of parenting. The statistics of specialists in the field of modern positive education have proven, namely, the method of carrot and stick.


It comes in many different Arabic dialects, between Syrian, Egyptian and Saudi, to give more credibility to the child.


Kids Police Fake Call game has the clarity of sound and the strength of performance that is serious and steady by the phantom cop so that the child can listen to it well.


It supports many operating systems, as there is a version for Android phones and another version for iPhones, and it is worth noting that you can download the children's police game on the computer through one of the famous Android emulators.


To download the game for Android


To download the game for iPhone


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