Download the game Critical Ops for Android and iPhone

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Download the game Critical Ops for Android and iPhone


Download the latest version of the Critical Ops game with a direct link. Critical Ops is a great fighting game with multiplayer battles on the Internet. It is considered an FPS game. The game is from a person’s perspective, meaning that the player sees what is around him through the eyes of the character.


Critical Ops is an enjoyable and unique experience of suspense and war of terror. Either you are on the side of responding to these terrorist attacks or you are on the terrorist side and you must cause destruction, the game is designed in order to discover the player's quick reactions and tactical skills, download the critical game Ops fuel your team to win. To download the game Critical Ops for Android

 Features of the game Critical Ops


1- Varied battles, as you can fight in multiple different places.


2- Thrill, excitement, and quick reactions to the player.


3. The control panel is easy and simple, suitable for touch devices.


4. You can collect cash and buy various types of weapons and bombs.


5. You can invite your friends to play and make teams.


6. Show off your driving skills.


Explanation of the game Critical Ops


You can play Critical Ops online with people from different places in the world or invite your friends and form teams for each team consisting of 6 people and play together against other teams.


There are several battles to choose from, the missions are different in each battle.


Death Match is a fighting game to the death where the two teams face each other and have a specific period. Which team killed more than the second team at the end of the period is counted and is the winner.


Defuse The two teams face off, and one of them has to plant and operate a bomb (the criminal side), and the other team, the warrior of terrorism, has to disable the operation of this bomb.


Gun Game In this battle you fight and use all available weapons to destroy the other team.

There are daily tasks that must be accomplished, such as killing a number of the opponent's team with a specific weapon and planting a number of bombs, and in return for performing these missions you get cash with which you can buy funds and weapons.


The control panel is unique, the game is characterized by ease of control and movement, as there are movement arrows on the far left, and on the right you can shoot.


You can change the position of the fighter by sitting or standing.


You can change weapon and load ammunition, you can also seize enemy weapons.


There is a map on the far left that you can see your team (in blue) and the opposing team (in red).


You can buy weapons and boxes in the game, as you win more battles and kill more opponents, then you will get cash that enables you to buy weapons and bombs, and in the new update you can also pay real money for the purchase of weapons.


You can customize the weapons as you want and choose your own style.


Game graphics


The company Critical Force Ltd, famous in the world of smart games, offers the game Critical Ops with excellent and wonderful graphics, the graphics of the game simulate the reality in addition to the shape of the weapons inside the game, Critical Ops comes with high quality that makes you feel the real fight.


Ease of control


The game Critical Ops gives its users a very easy way of control, so you can move within the game with ease and simplicity and you can kill enemies easily, and the game also gives its users a very excellent design.


Maps and routes


Within the game there are many maps and routes, you can choose the map or route you want and play with your friends, and the game is compatible with any phone and does not require high specifications for phones. You can also play with your friends through the Internet and fight with them against the enemies.


Weapons within the game


The game has a complete gallery of weapons of all kinds. You can choose the weapon you want and start playing easily and without any obstacles. Inside the game there is a special store for combat uniforms. You can choose what you want and the weapon you want.


Free game


The game Critical Ops comes 100% free without any fees or any obstacles. It is also available for all operating systems. You can download the game for Android users through Google Play and for iPhone through the App Store and from any other operating system. We will provide you with the download links below.



To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from theApple Store


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