Download the game Empire Four Kingdoms 2020 with direct link

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Download the game Empire Four Kingdoms 2020 with direct link


Download and download the latest version of Empire Four Kingdoms game for Android and iPhone for free with direct link, Empire Four Kingdoms is one of the most popular games. Which is based on building an empire made up of castles and forts and establishing and training an army from scratch. It belongs to the category of strategic combat games that are based on being a medieval king who owns four kingdoms. Your role is to rule them optimally, as Ampere takes you to a world of ancient historical saga.


And the famous medieval war that events make you an important part of it, you have an ivory palace in which you can hold many meetings and make many strong alliances in order to conquer the deceased kings and rob their properties, so you must possess all the tools that help you build a strong kingdom in order to rule the empire And conquer the enemies, establish the castle, and an army of strong equipment and brawlers in order to preserve the entire empire, so downloading the four kingdoms game is one of the most fun things if you are a fan of action and power games, and the game is one of the games that need intelligence and acumen in order to be able to develop strategies Good for fighting decisive battles and making many different buildings, in addition to more other features that we will list in detail through our site in the next lines.


Download the Empire Four Kingdoms game for Android and iPhone, the latest version


Download the Empire Four Kingdoms game for Android and iPhoneThe Empire of the Four Kingdoms game programmed by Goodgame Studios, which has launched it for free on the official smart phone stores, Google Play and App Store since mid-2013 AD, and it has met with great popularity, as it is based on the idea of ​​establishing an empire from scratch, with you being the founder and leader within the game You are the only one in control of the mechanism and method of construction and collecting money by imposing taxes and then you have to expand the castle and use some resources, wood and cutting tools in order to work on the expansion of the castle size from one level to another.


A group of valiant soldiers will work at your service who work day and night to protect the castle and carry weapons that you have to buy for them by collecting taxes and spoils from the enemies, and you must also train them from A to Z so that they are your best helpers, and there is nothing of course free of charge. Many building materials, virtual gold coins, red diamonds, logging and other tools that you must acquire in order to expand the building and construction operations, as the game allows more than 60 construction and loading operations for many different buildings, and the expansion of the palace.


Also, the Four Kingdoms Empire game is one of the strategic wars games, so it needs to rule the mind and use skill in the method of construction and spending, the mechanism of expansion, how to fight, protect the empire and protect the people that you rule, in addition to the ability to train and arm the army well with wisdom in collecting taxes and using acceleration tools Intelligently building and collecting taxes, as the game contains many different types of weapons that vary in terms of power and use.


The game of establishing an empire is one of the games freely available, which was launched in a suitable size for many different types of phones, that is, it does not require high capabilities of devices or requires modern versions, and it is classified as light games that do not consume the random memory of the phone even if you leave it open At the back, it doesn't drain the battery even if you spend a lot of time with it.


But it has high-quality graphics to feel like you are already inside your kingdom in the game Empire Four Kingdoms, where the scattered trees, greenery, plants, the form of soldiers and the form of enemies, in addition to the shape of castles, weapons and palaces, but among the disadvantages of this game is that it needs an Internet connection throughout the game, which makes you not You feel comfortable while playing, as you will feel the relative limitation while playing it.


Especially if you want to use the Facebook platform for the experience of group play and to participate with friends in building an empire in order to provide each other with the materials that each of you need, so the Four Kingdoms game is one of the most interesting and very enjoyable games as it creates in you a thing of responsibility towards an empire perfect.


The idea behind the game Empire Four Kingdoms


The game of Empire of Kingdoms 4 revolves around your appointment as the emperor or commander who has to enter many epic battles and must emerge victorious so how then are you ready to be a leader and develop a smart building strategy? You should be so in order to be able to win and pass the many different stages that give you access to many privileges that make you able to rule four kingdoms within your empire and of course this requires entering new countries and reaching distant continents.


And the idea of ​​being a leader, this means that a fortress and castles must be built in order to be able to protect the empire from enemy attacks, and many different materials that help in the construction process, such as some wood, iron and other materials, must be collected, and you must provide food and food supplies for all. Residents of the empire and assign a group of young people to become the arms of a strong army, and they must be armed with many varied and different weapons that qualify them to fight fierce battles in order to open many countries to annex them to the lands of the great empire that are building the Empire Four Kingdoms game


Among the most prominent advantages of the game is building many castles qualified to defend the entire empire, and you must think about the economic aspects and where you collect money in order to spend on the empire, and of course your way to that is to collect taxes through which you can get the necessary funds to feed and arm the army And providing the expenses of the people and the ability to upgrade the fort and castles from one level to another, as well as purchasing many basic materials to build those castles.


It is worth noting that the game contains many tasks that you must complete in the required time and at the level for which they are opened, as that leads to the gain of a lot of wealth and rewards, so the kingdom must be well managed because you will build an empire from scratch, and the idea of ​​establishing a town Or an empire that must also produce many resources, not only to meet the needs of the empire, but for trade and export abroad, that is, to the empires of friends in order to help each other for more fun and enjoyment within this most wonderful game.


Features of the game Empire Four Kingdoms


The Empire game is characterized by many of the advantages that made it for many years at the top of the search sites and remained at the top of many leading electronic games, and among the most prominent of those advantages are:


1. The game is free and officially available on many official stores for smartphones, and it is also available in a suitable size.


2. Belong to the category of light games, as it does not negatively affect the random memory of smartphones at all.


3. It contains many levels and stages that made the game a special taste, and in each level you have to finish some tasks before the stage ends, and at the beginning of the stage these tasks that you can accomplish with the arms of your men and your soldiers will come.


4. Graphics is a very good ampere game where you feel that you are inside a real land and create many castles and forts in it as if you are the owner of a real empire even the battlefields feel as if you are fighting with real ferocity using the most powerful weapons and powerful equipment.


5- You may find inside the empire land an exclamation mark that it is a valuable treasure stored for you, but in order to obtain it, you must perform some challenges, which will be displayed inside a board that will appear after clicking on the exclamation mark that we mentioned.


6. The Empire of the Four Kingdoms game contains a special store through which you can buy many virtual gold coins in addition to some diamonds as well, which make it easy for you to obtain the equipment and tools needed in construction or construction acceleration processes instead of waiting for the construction timing, which will increase after passing each level .


7. You can get many diamonds and gold coins for free by watching some long ad clips that are not less than 30 seconds long.


8- The possibility of building many facilities that number more than 60, between military installations, social facilities, political installations and others, which require the existence of any empire.


9. The ability to play with many friends by creating an account on the Facebook platform, which increases the feeling of challenge and at the same time creates a spirit of cooperation between all players from all over the world.



To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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