Download Zombie 2 vs Plants with direct link

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Download Zombie 2 vs Plants with direct link

Download the game Zombie Against Plants 2 PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2 FREE for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link for free, the latest update for free is the second version or the second developed and modern version of the zombie game of the same name, the game Plants vs Zombies, which has been launched since 2013 on all stores The official smartphone.

And it spread and gained very great popularity around the world, so the zombie game 2 of them was introduced in a more sophisticated way, but it has the same idea as the game is based on a group of dead and living people trying to break into your house, and all you have to do is plant many plants in the outdoor garden of the house from In order to defend you.

And thwarting all attempts by those creatures to reach the house and break into it, and if that happened, this means that you have lost the stage and you must return it from the beginning, so downloading PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2 FREE is one of the most fun things because it is a type of fighting games that requires a good strategy to deter All of those attacks.

It is worth noting that in the game Plants Verse Zombies 2, many different forms of zombies were added with various clothes, and the speed of these creatures was increased to make it more difficult and complex, and on the defense level, many plants were added with an increase in their strength for a balanced war

This game relies on solar energy to obtain many plants, which mainly depend on the cultivation of the sunflower plant, which increases the flow of the sun disks, and the more you collect those disks, the more the plant’s energy is charged in order to grow it in one of the agricultural patches inside the home garden.

You can now download the Zombie 2 game for free, but the game is flawed by its area, which is relatively large, but this version comes with more accurate graphics than the first version with high-quality graphics, and the zombies also came in different ways in terms of clothes, resistance and number of rows. Everything has become relatively complicated. In this version, however, the difficulty increases gradually from one stage to another.

Download zombie against plants game for Android, iPhone pc

Download the zombie game against plants 2 is one of the fighting games that belongs to the category of fighting mythical beings by mythical plants as well, it belongs to the family of fantasy games, and ELECTRONIC GAMES has launched it as a second version of the first version after what was successful and very popular amongst users Smartphones around the world, and it was introduced in 2013 to work efficiently on all Android and iPhone phones, in addition to the ability to use that game on computers as well by downloading any Android emulator.

Zombie 2 does not require high capabilities in order to be able to download, obtain and enjoy it, as it consists of many stages in each stage a new plant is opened with a specified number of sun disks whenever you collect it whenever you are able to grow this plant, as each stage begins in form Smooth and in each stage it gets more difficult for more fun and excitement, and each stage also belongs to a different stage of time, provided that the zombies come in a manner compatible with the stage name.

Among the basic plants also in this version is also the pea plant that defends the house by throwing bullets at the zombies, the cherry plant that detonates the area in which there are zombies and below and above, in addition to the basic sunflower plant in each stage, which contributes to the production of sun disks and all A disk containing 25 solar units, and there is a coconut plant with the same basic function, which is to block the movement of zombies, but with a higher strength and more residence time, and other plants. Defensive means of the aforementioned plants.

Features of the latest update of PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2

One of the most prominent features of this game, the subject of our conversation today, is that it receives great attention from the programmed company, which assigns the matter to its promising programmers who introduce a number of fortifications, fixes and additions from time to time to the game, and one of the most prominent additions that came in version 8.1.1 The last ones for 2020 are:

  • A recent spring update has been added that brings picture bloom and different color schemes based on the exciting PVZ 2 technology.
  • Many modern funny plants have been added that perform different mechanisms of action, including knocking, detonation, or other defense mechanisms.
  • A group of new zombie characters has also been added in the Roman era, represented by two of the most famous Roman characters, Medusa and the delicious character Caesar the Romans.
  • In addition to the development of many new levels, benefits, multiple additions, rewards and recent rewards, especially in Benny Bearesot mode.
  • Also, more daily tasks have been added that the user must delve into and finish in order to win the epic combat.
  • In addition to many technical improvements that contribute to speeding up the performance of the game and avoiding any technical glitches that may affect the game’s speed and performance.

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