Download the latest version of Cheating Tom for iPhone and Android with a direct link

Download the latest version of Cheating Tom for iPhone and Android with a direct link

Download the latest version of Cheating Tom for iPhone and Android with a direct link

Download the Cheating Tom game for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for
 free, the game consists of four parts. Each of these parts has special tasks in a suitable game for all children. Without exception, we will get to know your exact age in this article.

It's the first installment in the "Cheating Tom" series of games, and it's a collection of levels. All you have to do is spray the trains or cars that will be displayed on these levels, and you have to pay attention to the police who are watching you to prevent you from finding graffiti or any graffiti present in the car. General level.

Download the latest version of Cheating Tom for Android

Download the Tom Cheats game for Android for free, the latest version with a direct link from the Play Store, and it also includes a gallery called "My Art", which contains all the drawings that you draw and record on these cars and trains, and a store like another gallery where you can buy utilities. There is a tool called "discretion" that allows you to avoid the police and do your job normally. Without police visualization, you can't get yourself or the "Energy Drink" tool, it will get faster, or the "Golden Sprinkle" tool, which will make all the drawings you draw golden.

At the end of each level, you will receive a set of coins or gold, with which you can buy new tools in the store or change the Arabic style or the appearance of the role you are playing. At the beginning of the game, you will see the choice of the role you want to play, like Tom himself, the role of the male or the caramel, the latter is a female character, they can change your style and turn you into Uncle Sam, and you are allowed to get or add 50% of gold coins and Tom.

In the first two levels, you will get the function of running without timer, but in the case of continuous running, an Arabic timer or timer will appear so that you can complete the task at that specified time, otherwise you will definitely be lost, and each level is directed, you should pay attention to how to successfully skip this level.

Explanation of how to game "City Destroyer":

Explain how to play the game Tom Cheats step by step, after downloading the game on your phone, click on the word Open. Then wait a few seconds to prepare the game content. Providing content for City Vandal ("Cheating Tom")

After preparing the content, it will display its exact age. Select “If you do not want to select, press Ignore”. Select the age in City Vandal

After selecting the age, press OK. Then choose the role you want to play, Tom or Toffee. Choose the character to play

If you choose Tom or Tuff, your first character unlocks directly. It's a spray or a mists, and the police don't notice right away after you hit the train door. The first City Vandal character is one of the Cheating Tom games

After drawing, when the policeman knows he is going to watch you, you will have a place to send him immediately, this is the green check mark in the image below: Police watch for you in Vandal

Upon completion of the tour, you will immediately receive three stars and money. Tom's first round of cheating has ended

Download the latest version of Cheating Tom iPhone game for free

Download Tom's Cheats game for iPhone for free, the latest version with a direct link, if you want to repeat the job, press the "Repeat" button and then complete the next round, click the "Next" tab. After clicking Next, after making suggestions for successfully passing this level, you will receive the next round of downloads. Download the next round

He or she will then show you the next job or level, explain your requirements, and once you meet a small portion of the requirements, it will be determined immediately. The next round of City Vandal is one of the Cheating Tom games

As you continue playing, it will display the gifts that you will receive and help you continue and reach the highest goal you expect, as deceptive gifts, as shown below: Anonymous gift

We also mentioned in the introduction that Tom's cheat game consists of four parts, of which “City Destroyer” is the first part.


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