Download the new Whatsapp web, with a direct link, for free, 2021

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Download the new Whatsapp web, with a direct link, for free, 2021


Download WhatsApp Web for the computer, the latest version for free, with all the latest updates, the most prominent of which are the night mode or the dark mode. The direct link has been provided to it via the Plus programs website now, all you have to do is click on the WhatsApp Web download link available at the bottom of the topic and then take some steps Simple to activate the same WhatsApp version account for your smartphone, while synchronizing the account on the two devices, the phone and the computer.


Of course, there are a large number of users who prefer to use whatsapp web program on the computer in order to use a more comfortable and larger keyboard than the smartphone keyboard in addition to the ability to exchange pictures and files by downloading WhatsApp Web to the computer through the computer directly instead of trying to transfer those Files to the phone and then sent to the other party.


Therefore, WhatsApp is a good saver of time and effort, and it supports many operating systems, both Windows with all versions, from Vista and XP to Windows 10 in addition to Mac smart systems for portable computers, all you have to do is scan the code after installing the WhatsApp Web program for the computer. From the smartphone, and we will list these steps in detail later.


But for the continuation of opening the WhatsApp web on the computer, the program must continue to be opened on the smartphone, in the event that the service is closed, the service will be automatically disconnected on the version available on the computer, especially when you start to open the program, but it is one of the very distinctive programs that contain many advantages such as exchange Messages, changing the profile picture or uploading a status on WhatsApp, and other benefits.


Download WhatsApp Web for Android and iPhone for PC 2021


Download WhatsApp Web with a direct link, WhatsApp Web for the computer is one of the best popular programs in the world of social media that the famous Facebook company has included in its package of social media programs, because since the first day this program was launched and it has met great popularity and popular turnout from all over the world Because it supports an unlimited number of languages, which contributed to its faster spread, as it is one of the programs that do not need a strong internet, and it does not take a lot of megabytes during many conversations or a prolonged session on its platform so that it does not affect or help the phone battery run out. Or a fast computer.


It is worth noting that it has the same advantages and characteristics as the green WhatsApp program, but with some additional advantages, which are the ability to download friends' statuses or the ability to view them with a more spacious screen, in addition to the ability to operate more than one account by clicking on the Log Out button and entering the account. The other as you like, but it needs to be open on the phone in order to be able to continue and open the web WhatsApp program for the computer easily.


WhatsApp Desktop is available free of charge and there is no intention to do it with a monthly subscription, for example, or to convert it into a paid program, and it comes in a very light size on computers and does not take a large amount of the internal phone memory, so it does not constitute a burden while using it on the computer platform, and supports how much A large number of different operating systems and does not need high-potential devices or modern versions in order to download and run it on the computer.


One of the best features of it is that the link for downloading the program is only available through the official website to download it safely and from a reliable source, which makes users feel reassured about the process of downloading and downloading easily, and we have provided you with the official website link below the topic for easy access to the site without a lengthy search On the Google online platform prepared for the search.


Features of WhatsApp Web program for the computer


WhatsApp contains many important and wonderful advantages that help users get a very enjoyable experience while communicating and messaging with others, and the most prominent of these advantages are:


You will have many features that are already available within the green WhatsApp program on the smartphone, in addition to the ability to add some features, settings and controls that are different from the original program.

The ability to work many commands within the WhatsApp Web program for the computer using some shortcuts inside the computer keyboard, some of which we provided in a previous paragraph.


Send and receive all types of files that support many different formats at a high speed, which saves you a lot of time and effort spent in transferring files from the computer to the phone and then sending them back to others, but it is now easy to send files directly through the program.


It is available free of charge without paying any financial fees in addition to its support for many operating systems and not requiring high operating requirements, but it can be used on Windows systems with all its old and modern versions in addition to it supports the Mac system and can be downloaded from the official website according to each system easily and quickly.


The way to install and get it does not take much time, which makes it very easy to get it.


You can write the status and upload a picture from one of the pictures available inside the computer to the personal file in order to easily reset it again.


Ease of synchronizing the original application available on the phone and making a code scan of the same account on the program that was downloaded to the computer easily, to be answered from any of them or send files and pictures from any of them to appear in the other version immediately.


Login link for WhatsApp Web


To download a program from the Play Store


To download a program from the Apple Store


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