Download the ninja fighting game for Android and iPhone, with a direct link

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Download the ninja fighting game for Android and iPhone, with a direct link


Download the ninja fighting game for Android with a direct link to the latest version, the ninja game is a distinctive strategy game. a very popular Japanese game, the way and style of play is wonderful, in which hundreds of very popular stories and original Japanese fantasy stories are included, allowing players to play and at the same time enjoy the imagination The Japanese is the great world of Japan, given that the game is exciting, and the pictures in it are beautiful and have a strong variety, so the players praised it strongly when it was launched in Japan, the game takes the background of imagination as a theme, when the legend is between day and night and in the moment of dusk witches and monsters enter the world, and it will rise Guardians of the capital use spirits to defend against invading monsters, and to keep the world safe and quiet.


Features of the ninja game for Android and iPhone


The features and characteristics of the ninja game, wind and beauty acoustics, in cooperation with Japanese and English voice actors, an unprecedented luxurious dubbing that glows the hearts of the players and accompanies them to the world of yin and yang, as well as allowing players to enjoy an unprecedented audio and visual sense in addition to the wonderful voice acting


Technically, a game full of sincerity and restoring ancient beauty in which you can enjoy the scenery of autumn, spring cherries and winter snow.


Competition reaches a climax, you will face many yin and yang teams in different places and who can dominate the competition, in addition to international competitions all will meet to fight for the first title, who will be the best.


Collect Soul Issues Issues can be exchanged and turned into your own fighting master There are two features for a mutant fighting master and a warrior and each fighting master has its own features: water and wind, fiery and electrified, etc., Summon your fighting master and start the war.


King renovation team, auto play, chat, and adventure together just because you were with me the importance of my guild, the most enthusiastic family.


In this chapter, you can watch a fireworks display with the people you love, dance together, solve union tasks or run together, in addition to faces and emojis of the two parties and a field of their own.

The infant system, very simple development through the promotion of the child and changing his appearance, from a baby to a child who embraces love and takes on adventures when he grows up.


To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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