How to use the MK14 weapon in the pubg mobile game

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How to use the MK14 weapon in the pubg mobile game


The MK14 weapon in PUBG MOBILE and everything you want to know about it, the MK14 rifle is one of the most powerful AR rifles in PUBG Mobile and it is very popular with players, below we will give you some tips you need to master the use of the MK14 weapon.


The MK14 is a DMR weapon, which is different from the rest of the weapons in the game. The MK14 can be obtained through trail boxes in the five maps in PUBG Mobile. And you can get this gun easily.


The MK14 uses 7.62 mm ammunition and is available on all maps; damage points in the absence of a jacket reach 62 points, and player headshot damage of a non-helmet player reaches 140 points. The MK14 has a high damage per second, which amounts to 678 points.


Besides, it has a high rate of fire of 0.9. In one second the MK14 can fire 11 bullets and the bullet speed is up to 853 meters per second. The high rate of fire and speed of the bullet make the MK14 one of the most difficult rifles to control. And vertical recoil could make you shoot inaccurately.


The most important tips for mastering the use of the MK14 in PUBG


1.Add an attachment to reduce the recoil of the MK14 rifle.


2. The use of the expanded store to reduce the time of reloading ammunition and increase the store capacity. With the expanded store the capacity of ammunition can be expanded from 10 to 20, which is sufficient to eliminate two enemies.

3. Switch to red dot for close combat, red dot or x2 scoop is for short range combat. Scoop x6 and x8 for long-range combat


4. Turn on firing mode to spray bullets when fighting at close range. And switch to medium shooting in long range combat.


5. Use a x8 scoop to deal with enemies from a great distance.


6. Use the M416 or M249 when switching to another weapon


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