Neighbors from Hell 1 download the game with a direct link

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Neighbors from Hell 1 download the game with a direct link


 Download the Neighbors from Hell season 1 game for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free, the latest version that was called the annoying neighbor game or how to strangle your neighbor, transporting you to a world full of fun and excitement, where the game is based on two personalities that represent you in the game and a character Neighbor, I know who you are called Neighbor from Hell, of course you are because all you have to do to win in the game in order to skip the many levels is to sneak inside the neighbor's house to do things that bother him.


And downloading the game Neighbor from Hell makes you start your mind to think about how to annoy the neighbor, as you sneak into the house without the slightest tools, and all you have to do is try to open the closed drawers to find anything that might work in your mission, and you have to think well to use it in the right position. It is one of the great free games, and we will discuss the gameplay in detail in the following paragraphs.


Download the latest version of Neighbor from Hell Season for Android and iPhone


Download Neighbors from Hell is one of the games that appeared in the past since the nineties, and it is worth noting that it won the approval of many users because it is one of the most famous games that is based on training the mind and thought in order to properly use the pieces that were found at home, so a copy It has been working on Android and iPhone phones for almost 3 years by the developer HandyGames.


The game Neighbor from Hell 1 consists of many levels in each level, things get more difficult little by little, as the game tells you how many tasks are required and you must finish each stage and you have a full score of 100% to pass it and reach the next level.


Neighbors from Hell 1 game supports many languages, but unfortunately it does not support Arabic at all, but it is one of the easy games that do not need to understand the explanation or its settings, and it does not contain annoying advertising materials, and its size is relatively large As it exceeds 200 MB.


Game characters from Neighbors from Hell: Season 1


The annoying neighbor game consists of two main characters who are the focus and basis of the game in addition to the pet that the neighbor raises, and they are as follows:


The young neighbor: It is the character that represents you in the game, which is a young teenage boy who riots and acts boyish inside the neighbor’s house in order to harass him and disturb him.


The big neighbor: He is a foolish person who wears a T-shirt with straps from which his stomach fat dangles, and lives in the apartment next to this young man, inside a large house in two floors and in other levels with three to increase the difficulty of completing the task, and he comes inside the game Neighbor from Hell in the lower bar and above his head a bubble to know what is going With him or where he will go in the house so that you can escape.


The pet: This animal also has a role, which is a guard dog that barks whenever it sees you in the same room, so that the owner of the house comes quickly while you are running away, and the goal of his presence is to complete the task very quickly before the owner of the house catches you.


Features of the game Neighbors from Hell Season 1


This game is characterized by many wonderful features that have led to its spread very quickly among users around the world, and the most prominent of these advantages are:


It includes a large number of different levels and in each level a new mission that you have to complete to disturb your neighbor more so that you can get the required points and pass the stage successfully.


It supports many different languages ​​so that each user can deal with the game in the language he understands.


It develops the mental capabilities of the player as he thinks carefully about how to use every piece found inside the house to annoy the neighbor.


High-quality graphics and graphics to show the features of the game characters closer to nature and realism.


To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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