The best ways to increase Instagram followers 2021

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The best ways to increase Instagram followers 2021

Increasing Instagram followers has become a dream for many Arab youth in recent times, how not when Instagram has become the most famous and effective social networking site in recent times, which has more than a billion users worldwide.


Yes ... the reasons that make many young people seek to find ways to increase Instagram followers may vary, but what everyone agrees on is that having an Instagram account with a large number of interactive followers is wonderful, and it is worth the time and effort!


In any case, whether you want to increase Instagram followers for the sake of the fun of social appearances, or for the sake of promoting your business, or in order to make profits through your followers on Instagram, this guide will give you what you need and more


What you will learn in this guide:

This guide contains a lot of information, ideas and strategies to increase Instagram followers, and this is a group of the most important points that we will address:

1. How to make your homepage like a magnet to attract followers constantly.

2. How to use your pages on other social media sites to get more Instagram followers.

3.How to choose carefully describe your posts to get more engagement.

4- How to learn and benefit from competitors 'accounts, and how to interact with competitors' audiences to attract new followers.

5- How to use hashtags professionally.

6. Follow FOR Follow strategy and Shoutout strategy.

This is just a sample of what you will learn in this guide, so expect that the guide will be long and will take you some time to study it, but we promise you that it is worth your time so don't be lazy and read it to the end, because it really contains everything you need to get tons of followers on Instagram.


1- Define a clear strategy on your profile


How do you want to use your account on Instagram? This is a question that you have to answer first, because an Instagram account for a restaurant ... is different from an account about eating or recipes and tips for cooking in general, and it will also be different from an account for a chef or an influencer in the field of cooking.


All of this depends on your goal of owning an account on Instagram, and how you will set up your profile in order to tell your followers the goal behind this account, so I recommend that you read the following articles in order to clarify the full picture.


Marketing through Instagram (in this article, you will learn how to set a goal, and how to properly own a business account with examples of choosing a name and writing a CV).

Ways to profit from Instagram (if you do not know how to properly exploit your followers, and how to make profits in various ways, this article is very important to you), these articles will open your eyes on the importance of Instagram, with an explanation of the necessary tools that you need in order to achieve your goals.


2- Understand how Instagram algorithms work

In order to make Instagram help you get more followers, you have to understand how Instagram's algorithms work itself in order to provide him with what he wants, so I will explain to you a set of important points that these algorithms depend on.


Note: Algorithms are a set of programming commands used by social networking sites, including Instagram to determine the appearance of posts in front of the right user at the right time, the goal of Instagram is for users to stay as long as possible on the site, in order to increase their chances of seeing ads, and thus increase the profit of a company Facebook (which owns the Instagram company).


There are three factors that Instagram's algorithms rely on to achieve this goal, and they are as follows:


1- Instagram user relationship with the content owner

The stronger the user’s relationship and the more interaction with a specific account, the more Instagram algorithms place any post for this account in front of this user so that he spends the longest period on Instagram, meaning if you message, like or comment on the posts of a particular account, Instagram will make any post from that account. It constantly reaches your first feed because you interact with it.


That is why you will find me in this guide, I focus on how to increase interaction with your content, in order to make Instagram publish your content more and more to your followers, and also to people who have the same interests, which is the second factor.

2- Attention

Instagram has highly developed capabilities to read written content, recognize images, their colors and their components through artificial intelligence, and then identify the content that each user prefers, and then search for the best posts that have an interaction, which is similar to the content that each user interacts with and puts. For this user to spend more time on Instagram.


Just as YouTube does by identifying the types of videos you prefer, if you like songs, you will find YouTube suggesting music videos of the same type that you love on your home page, and in the suggested videos section, Instagram's algorithms behave the same way.


3- When the content was published


Instagram knows what time each user spends on it, so whoever spends two hours a day on Instagram treats him differently from those who spend only 20 minutes, so Instagram is concerned with the time to publish content, it arranges the content for each person according to his youth and the volume of interaction on it, for example if you are You follow 50 people on Instagram while you are using Instagram for only 20 minutes.


Instagram will place the latest posts for these accounts in front of you according to the content that you interact with the most, and also according to the time of its publication, so the more recent the content, the more Instagram puts it in front of its users as soon as they open the application, so you have to publish constantly on Instagram.


3- The time of publishing the content


Instagram knows what time each user spends on it, so whoever spends two hours a day on Instagram treats him differently from those who spend only 20 minutes, so Instagram is concerned with the time to publish content, it arranges the content for each person according to his youth and the volume of interaction on it, for example if you are You follow 50 people on Instagram while you are using Instagram for only 20 minutes.


Instagram will place the latest posts for these accounts in front of you according to the content that you interact with the most, and also according to the time of its publication, so the more recent the content, the more Instagram puts it in front of its users as soon as they open the application, so you have to publish constantly on Instagram.


3- Make your home page attractive and attract followers

Whatever strategy I will tell you in this guide will make many Instagram users click on your account link in order to see it, and at this moment they will decide whether or not to click on the follow sign, so your profile page is the most important thing that you should care about, especially your posts. Anyone who will follow your account will first look at what you post and what your account looks like, see, for example, this picture.


This is a picture of one of the cooking accounts on Instagram, you will find most of the pictures, and even the videos have the same character, of the same quality, and talk about the same main topic that the account targets, which are delicious and innovative eating recipes, you also try to have a special character, use the same backgrounds in Most of the time if possible, try to rely on the same colors, that way your account will be very attractive.


If anyone enters your profile to look at it, he will find an interesting and professional account, and he publishes content related to the purpose of the account, which is not scattered information from the East and the West, Instagram enables you to delete any post you want in the future in order to make your profile have a special character, and there are those who exploit This feature even innovates to make its account very special.


Instagram is a photo site, for this general view or theme for your profile is the basic stone on which we will build everything, and there is no need to remind you that the images are of high quality, and it is preferable to be square (length like width) because this is what Instagram prefers.


4- Take advantage of your online presence on any platform

You do not only use Instagram, perhaps you have a website or a YouTube channel, and of course you have a Facebook account, you must promote your account on Instagram, so you have to put a link to your Instagram account on your website pages and the contact us page, and also on your channel page on Youtube.


That is why be sure to follow us so that you do not miss such posts, this is what you should do if you own a site or channel on YouTube, and you must constantly mention this account in your articles and videos, as well as in your other pages on Facebook or Snapchat.


Not only that, ask everyone you know to follow you on Instagram like your friends and acquaintances, this is not a defect and you do not feel embarrassed about it, you do not ask them for anything bad, and if you are ashamed of your work on the Internet then I advise you to stop, you will not succeed, and if your account is private In a restaurant or company, ask your employees themselves to follow your account, and to share it on various social media as well with their friends and relatives.


This step is very important, especially in the beginning, because your first 1000 followers on Instagram are always the most important and difficult, so ask everyone you know to follow you until you reach this number.


5- Write the description of your posts correctly


The same writing method that you write in any image or video is very important, and unfortunately many users ignore it even though Instagram's own algorithms depend on it in the search, so write a good formula for your content (poignant and expressive words - funny and light words - simple story - wisdom ) Or even a description of your purpose from the post itself would be great.


This description is called Caption, and in most cases it is better to use emoji as it makes your message strong, clearer and also draws attention, this description appears after your followers or anyone clicked on your content, so use it to clarify your message, and to make this person It interacts with your content.


You can also tag any Instagram account in the description of your posts, so you can comment on a specific post by a famous or influential person in your field, and you can also comment on a specific event or trend that many people follow.


Also, some experiences have shown that in many cases a relatively long description (35 to 100 words) leads to the arrival of your content to a greater number, because Instagram's algorithms want to publish the written content as well because it increases the interaction, so you have to use this to your advantage.

6- Analyze the most popular accounts in your industry

Certainly there are accounts that are similar to you or have similar goals, you do not live alone on Instagram, or you talk about secret topics that others do not know, so you have to analyze these accounts, often you may not know what to talk about, or want Find some inspiration or ideas to talk about or create content around, all of this you can learn from those accounts.


Influencers on Instagram are very many, and I indicated in the articles that I advised you to read at the beginning of this guide how to search for them and cooperate with them in an effective way, and you of course have a list of some accounts that you want to emulate or imitate some of their ideas.


Look at these accounts, look at the content they provide, what posts are on them the most interactive, how do they respond to followers or how they interact with them, do they focus on videos or Instagram stories, this way you will know what topics you should focus on More, and how to publish it and in what method, and you can also identify weaknesses in these accounts in order to exploit them to your advantage.


Not only that, when you click on the heart sign in the Instagram application in which you will find your notifications, at the top you will find the word “following”. If you click on it, you will find Instagram informing you about the activity of the accounts you follow. It will tell you about the posts that they like, and also the comments they leave on Any post, all of this will be very useful to you in knowing everything about these accounts, and the content that they interact with, which we will use in the following steps.


7- Post any special content on Instagram

In the previous step, we explained how to analyze the featured content on Instagram by influencers, you can also search through the hashtag # in any field such as (# eaters # appetite # eat my home) and find out the most popular types of content in each field.


Either you create similar content, or talk about the same topics as I indicated in the previous step, or you can re-publish this same content on your account (with mentioning the main account holder so that you give him his right and not steal his efforts).


This method is well known and very popular all over the world, but of course it is preferable that you create your own content, so that people imitate you and you are the strongest influencer, but you can use strong content, especially at the beginning of your career on Instagram.


There are several ways through which you can download photos and videos directly from Instagram to your device or phone, or repost them directly to your account on Instagram. You can use the DownloadGram website if you prefer to use your computer.


You can also use one of the applications for the same purpose on your phone, there are many applications for this purpose, but these two applications are the best for Android, and you can search for IOS applications if you want, as they are too many. Not only that, you also have to republish your content that has achieved success. And interact with your audience and do not worry, I will tell you the best ways to organize your time and effort and make the publishing process very simple later.


8- Use hashtags correctly


Hashtags are words that people use to refer to something, these hashtags can be created by anyone (i.e. a user on Instagram can write any word and as long as he puts a hashtag before it, it is a hashtag) but not every hashtag is popular and people on Instagram use it constantly, for this reason You have to search for popular and well-known hashtags in your field, there are tools and sites that enable you to do that, but I prefer the traditional and most used method, which is Instagram itself.


I searched on Instagram, the hashtags that I mentioned in the introduction to the previous point, I did not know they existed, I went to Instagram and wrote the word eat, and I looked at the list of recommendations that Instagram made for me, and I found these hashtags, you can search this way, and you can also search in hashtags Which influencers and popular accounts use in their posts (that's why I told you to analyze it earlier?).


Save these hashtags in a note on your phone or in a simple sheet on your computer so that you use them constantly. It is worth noting that Instagram tells you the number of posts that use each hashtag. Use it 56,941 times, no I have not misspelled it. Note that the first has E tags and the second V is bound.


These hashtags are used by people in the search, and Instagram puts the best posts that have the most interaction in the first results of this search, and therefore you should use this to your advantage, but do not use popular hashtags that have a large number of posts, especially if your account is in its beginning and you do not have thousands Followers after, for this use a hashtag or two from the most popular and the rest are medium then weak.


Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in every post, and you can put it either in the description of the post itself or in the first comment, and I prefer that you put it in the comments unless you want to comment about a specific event or trend, then you can put this hashtag in the description of the post itself, Do not use the same hashtags constantly, and do not use hashtags that are not related to your domain, because Instagram does not like this at all, but it can even block your account if you violate these rules.


You can also use your geographical location in your posts, sometimes Instagram uses the place to publish content because people are looking for it, especially if they are looking for a specific service such as restaurants and stores or photographers and programmers in their area to cooperate with them.

9- Interact with your competitors' audience


Often times you will find that the accounts that you follow and the influencers whose accounts you analyze do not interact with the comments, and this is what you should use to your advantage, debate and respond to comments on your competitors' posts or accounts that talk about similar topics, give advice or ask some questions Purposeful, and you can leave a general comment on the post as well.


All this attracts attention to your account, and when someone clicks on your account link and sees your wonderful and organized content (this is why this was the first step) he will follow you, and thus you gain a real and new follower, and not only that, but in this way you benefit the main account holder , Because you increase the interaction on its content, and thus increase the chances of cooperation between you in the future.


You can also interact with the same content that this influencer interacts with (which I referred to in the previous point), thus achieving better and faster results, and placing your account in front of those interested in your field, and not only that, if you look at any profile on Instagram, you will find a special section Marked (tagged) This section is for posts where this account has been mentioned, and usually these posts are for fans or people who want to interact with this influencer.


You can interact with these posts as well, especially if they are suitable for you, and by this you put your account in front of everyone who is interested and interacting in your field, and this will definitely increase the number of your followers.


10- Respond to every comment


Why do you want to get more followers on Instagram? Is it not for the purpose of increasing the interaction on your content and in order to get your followers to implement the CTA (intended purpose of marketing) that you want from them, then you have to interact with them first.


If one of your followers left a comment on any post or sent you any message, you must answer him and respond to him, whether his comment was an inquiry or a compliment, or even if it was a negative comment. You must interact with him and answer him, responding to the comments of your followers has many benefits, the most important of which are:


1. It will increase the interaction on your posts, so the Instagram algorithms will automatically promote your posts more.


2. This will give the impression to your followers that you really care about them and interact with them, and thus their confidence in you will increase.


3. This interaction will motivate your followers to publish the content that you provide with their friends and acquaintances, and thus you will get more followers.


4. This interaction will make you an expert in the eyes of your audience.

In this way, you will ensure that the interaction on your posts increases, so regardless of the number of your followers, you should always make sure to do this constantly, even if your Instagram account represents an institution, company, or commercial store, you can ask a specific person to manage your account and interact with your followers. continuously.


And sometimes Instagram experts think: the need to write to your followers with personal messages thanking them for following you up, and you can also ask them to ask any question, especially if you work in any educational field, or you are a trainer or expert in the fields of health, fitness and other areas that need Continuous follow-up and advice.


11- Post content that urges followers to interact with it and share it with their friends


A very simple post, but look at the words inside the red box, the account owner motivates and urges his followers to spread this content with people they love in a smart way by making a crown for them in the comments, and if you read the comments yourself, you will find many of them have already responded to this.


This increases the volume of interaction on the post itself, and also makes users share your content with their friends, which increases the chances of you getting new followers, so be sure to always publish this type of content, and also the controversial content that makes people want to comment, and you can also make Polls or you can ask them direct questions.

You can also make quick contests, or give a gift to the first 20 people who comment on your post, this method has the effect of magic in increasing interaction, especially if you sell a specific product or service, and with this you can give your followers discounts or free gifts.


If you are not selling something, you can give them advice or talk to them personally, or you can crown some of them or repost some of their posts as a reward for their interaction with you, think outside the box a little you will find many ways that you can increase interaction on your posts.

12- Follow FOR Follow strategy


This strategy is known and many Instagram leaders recommend it, and I recommend it as well, especially for beginners. This strategy depends on following the accounts of people who follow the popular accounts that we talked about previously. When you visit any account you follow, click on the word "Followers" in his profile, you will find a list of all Followers You can follow some of these followers, hoping that they will follow you as well.


And the accounts that did not follow you cancel your follow-up after a while, this strategy succeeds 20% often, which is a good percentage, so you have to choose the interactive accounts that put a good profile picture and publish constantly to ensure their interaction with you after that, as you can Follow people who leave comments or like the posts of these influencers, this way you ensure that they are real, interactive accounts.


But you should not overuse this method because Instagram does not prefer it, and when the follow-up rate increases and then unfollowing in your account, Instagram may block you as I mentioned earlier, so you can follow up about 50 accounts per day with a lower subscription rate, this number is relative and depends on Instagram's algorithms Same, and a lot of marketers think you can go above this number, but I'd rather you stay on the safe side.


Of course you will not do this constantly, you must stop every period, and also when your account reaches 10,000 followers, I think this strategy will not be suitable for you.


13- Shoutout strategy


The shoutout is for an Instagram account to mention your account in one of its posts, and to ask its followers to follow you, and in this way your followers increase easily. You can cooperate with accounts that have roughly the same number of followers that you have and work in similar fields, for example if you are talking about Eating healthy You can team up with an account that talks about fitness.


You can exchange the benefits so that you promote his account and he promotes your account on an ongoing basis and periodically. This method is very effective, especially if the account you are cooperating with has interactive followers. You can measure this yourself from the volume of comments and likes of that account's posts, but this method will be more effective when the number of followers of this account is large, or if an influencer is in Instagram, and you can do this in one of two ways.


Either you pay money for this promotion of your account (which is a very common method that many marketers do), and it is especially appropriate if your account is a commercial company or restaurant and you have the budget for that, as this method will save you a lot of time.


Or by cooperating with the owner of this account and communicating with him in a smart way and providing him with the benefit, you may send him some pictures and infographics that he can use on his account, in this way you both achieve a benefit, especially if you interact with him and comment on the content he publishes constantly.


That is why I told you that interaction with influencers will be exploited in the future, and this is one of the forms of this exploitation, and the more you communicate with influencers in a smart way that does not denote greed or interest, the more it will benefit them and you at the same time.

14- Post regularly and at the right times


We previously talked about Instagram loves new content, so you have to publish constantly and I advise that your average is not less than 3 posts per day, unlike the live broadcast from time to time, and you should also use Instagram's analyzes to find out the times when your followers are present.


 In order to post to it, and by this you ensure that Instagram's algorithms will deliver this content to your followers and also to everyone who loves the same content as I explained previously, and if you see that constantly posting new content and modifying images or making videos takes a long time and effort, you are right, and for this I will present You get the solution in the next step.


15- Use the Instagram Scheduler

Creating good content to publish on Instagram takes time, and publishing it yourself every day increases the size of this time, so you can save yourself all that time by using some of the tools available in the market, these tools help you make a pre-schedule of the posts and videos that you want to publish.


So that it determines the time at which it is published and what is distinguished in these tools is that it enables you to do all this by phone or through your personal computer, all this by linking your account to the application of the tool after downloading it on your phone. Some of these tools allow you to write your first comment in advance (so you can write the hashtags you want)?


There are a lot of free and paid tools as well, and the cost of some of these tools depends on the number of Instagram accounts you use and the size of the posts you publish per month.


This tool is one of the oldest tools in the field of social media, it is a giant edifice and has an excellent reputation, you can create a free account and start using it to publish on Instagram through your computer, but because Instagram has certain requirements, you must download the application for this tool Also, this application will notify you of the date of publishing any content on your account on Instagram so that you agree to it, this is the only defect in this tool.


16- Pay attention to the video and Instagram stories

According to many reports and information published by Instagram itself, video is the most interactive type of content, and for this reason Instagram has developed custom algorithms for it and also added a special application for videos only, which is IG TV. And if you go to any account that publishes videos, you will find that Instagram has a special section for videos.


And also Instagram stories, which provide you with a lot of capabilities and you can set them up in advance as well, have the effect of magic at the present time and increase the volume of interaction greatly, so you have to keep the video in mind, you can use your phone's camera and start publishing your first video faster. Time, and Instagram enables you to add words and emoji to your videos easily.


17- Use ads as long as you have the budget

Many marketers believe that Instagram ads are very cheap compared to the results they achieve, so if you have the budget, Instagram ads will increase your followers significantly, especially since Instagram can identify all accounts that are similar to the accounts that follow you and that prefer the same content.


By this, your content will be placed in front of them and thus the number of your followers will increase, especially since Instagram enables you to accurately determine the goal you want from your advertising campaigns, whether it is selling a specific product, increasing interaction on a specific post, or getting new followers, the most important thing is to make ads On your best types of posts that have achieved the best results, and it is worth noting that the advertising platform on which Instagram depends is the same as the Facebook platform.


And you must know that the content you publish is not preferable to you, but rather in order to provide the benefit to your followers, so most of your posts should not be offers, products or advertisements to try to earn money from your followers so that they are not alienated from you.


There is no shame in selling or using Instagram to make money, on the contrary, you should do that, but the content dedicated to this should not exceed 20% of the total content that you publish, so do not forget that the content is the most important thing you now have in your hands a lot of Information and strategies that enable you to increase Instagram followers easily, provided you make the required effort.


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