Download Angry Birds Friends game with direct link latest version 2021

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Download Angry Birds Friends game with direct link latest version 2021

Download the Angry Birds game for Android and iPhone directly from the Play Store and from the Apple Store latest version. The Angry Birds game is one of the most fun and exciting games in recent times. Download the Angry Birds game, or what is called the Angry Birds game for the computer and phones that operate on Android and iPhone systems, from the style of wonderful classic games that all users from different countries of the world have gathered around, as it depicts the angry bird character, a famous cartoon character that appeared since Many years ago and I loved it a lot as well, but here in the great Angry Birds Friends game, you will find a different and very fun gameplay.

As when you download the Angry Birds game, it makes you place the bird and its companions like a nishan stone inside a wooden dart to get from the evil buildings and eliminate them. And fun, in addition to that, Angry Birds Friends makes you train your senses and focus in order to accurately target the structures of evil creatures and birds, as well as other advantages that we will list in detail in the following paragraphs.

Download Angry Birds game for Android and iPhone latest version

Download the Angry Birds game for iPhone and Android, the latest version, directly from the Apple Store and from the Play Store for free. Rovio Entertainment has launched the first version of the Angry Birds game since 2013 as a simulation of the popular cartoon series Angry Bird, where the game embodies many forms of angry birds of various colors And very cheerful, and each of them has a mechanism of action and a different way of playing, all of which are distinct and make you able to destroy the buildings of evil birds.

In Angry Birds, you will find the red birds that can explode after they fall on one of the ribs of the building, or the blue birds that can split into three birds at a specific point that you specify, as well as the yellow birds that can change direction up more after Clicking on it, and other birds that each possess a specific tool.

The angry birds apk game contains many boosters at the top of the game interface, which you can use one of them whenever it is difficult for you to demolish the building, but be careful not to use them completely in the early stages so that they do not run out of you and need them in the difficult advanced stages.

Features and characteristics of the original Angry Birds game

Angry Birds game is fun and more than wonderful because it includes a large number of wonderful features that have attracted a large number of users around the world, both large and small, and among the most prominent of what it includes: -

Angry Birds game contains many different stages in each stage, a shape and a working mechanism for different birds, which makes the boredom not leak to you at all.

The Angry Birds game does not contain complicated settings and a control circuit, but only through its settings button you can control the game's voice or change the language, as well as connect to the Facebook platform to keep the stages within the game.

It contains an explanation screen for anything new inside it, for example when you open a new bird that introduces you to it and how to benefit from it, or move to a new stage, the explanation screen displays you with a repeated video until you know how to use the best and click on the Checkmark button.

High graphics and great game quality make you feel as if you are in front of the popular cartoon Angry Bird series that attracted many with its colors and angry bird features that give rise to humor.

Angry Birds Friends game contains a wheel of fortune that you must rotate on a daily basis in order to win many boosters or points to buy what you need from new birds or powerful nobles.


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