Download Bubble Shooter game with direct link for free

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Download Bubble Shooter game with direct link for free


Download the Babel Shooter game for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free through the Play Store and through the Apple Store, we are talking in this article about downloading the Babel Shooter game. It is one of the most powerful puzzle games, testing and developing your agility. We offer you Bubble Shooter, which is one of the best bubble shooting games, but in a certain way, where you must collect similar colors together. But depending on the game system, you will find that the game is difficult for you, you will not find it easy as you think. Therefore, through this article we will give you an explanation of how to play Bubble Shooter.


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Download the Bubble Shooter game for Android and iPhone with direct link

Download Bubble Shooter game for Android and iPhone for free, it is very easy to learn how to play bubble shooter game. The rules of the game are always easy and fixed. The game is suitable for all ages for its ease, so all you need is to be able to distinguish the colors, and some logical thinking when you hit the bubble. The main objective of Bubble Shooter is to eliminate all the bubble lines that are in front of you. And so I had to hit the right place. You can get rid of a group of bubbles when you hit them with one of their color.

As a piece of advice that I give you in the Babel Shooter game, you have to make sure that the babbles you intend to hit in a group of babbles are of the same color. Luck can be a hit in a group of bubbles made up of dozens of bubbles, but usually you can hit a ball, two, three, or four. If you hit one bubble, it will not be removed, because you have to hit a group of bubbles made up of at least two.

Find a group of bubbles to hit them, and choose a group of bubbles of the same color, provided that your bubble has the same color as them, and that the group consists of at least two bubbles or more.

Hit the group of bubbles with the one you have, and focus on your hitting so you can successfully slip the target.

After you get rid of a group of bubbles, start removing another group of bubbles, and continue to do so until you can remove all the bubbles on the screen of your phone.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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