Download DU Recorder Video 2021 program with direct link

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Download DU Recorder Video 2021 program with direct link


Download the screen recorder application for Android and iPhone directly with the latest version from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. Download DU Recorder is the best video screen capture program and the best that you can download to record everything that goes on and happens on the screen of your smartphone, it records The videos are on the screen of your phone and because it contains many distinct tools inside, through which you can edit a video professionally and distinctively.


Once you download the video screen recorder, you can shoot videos and save them and then share them with your friends and on various social networking sites, and it is distinguished without other applications by the absence of a watermark for the application to be added to the videos, which is what professionals need in particular, the application is free and easy to download, you can Download the screen recorder from the Google Play Store or through the link at the bottom of the page with ease and join the 10 million application users around the world.


Download the DU Recorder video app for Android and iPhone

Download the screen recorder video program for iPhone and Android with a direct link to the latest version of the screen recorder program, which is a powerful tool to record videos from the screen of smartphones directly and easily, and the application also contains many professional video editing tools in which the user can produce videos High quality and professionalism The user can save and share it on social media and with friends easily.


The video screen capture application does not stop at shooting videos only, but through it you can take screenshots of your phone's screen as well with one click, it contains a floating window that can be located above any application you open on your phone and take what you want from screenshots and pictures of any page that appears on the screen of your phone.


With it, you can shoot a video for your favorite game and the stages of your progress in it, or record important educational programs with clarity and high quality, especially for those working in the field of educational explanation on YouTube, and you can also record videos from YouTube and other live and musical shows.


Features and characteristics of DU Recorder Video


The screen capture program contains a lot of features without other similar applications, including the following:


Video recording, with Screen Video Recorder, you can capture the screen to take a clear screenshot, and record electronic game videos from the screen of your phone.


In the application settings, you can also set video quality options such as the number of frames per second (up to 60 FPS), you can output video quality up to 1080p), and the video quality (up to 12Mbps) as well.


There is no specific time, through the screen recorder program, you can record videos without a specific time and for any period, and filming videos through the program does not need any powers and filming is done with ease.


The floating window, the DU Recorder video screen capture application is characterized by the presence of the floating window, which is a program window that appears floating on a page application on your phone, and by clicking on it opens the program options for you to shoot a video or take a screenshot, without bothering to exit the page and search for The app and the slot, with one click you can record and capture important moments easily, super fast and high quality at the same time.


Timer, one of the features of the program is that it contains a timer that is completely ready at all times to record, without the hassle of opening the application or locking it up, and you can stop recording for some time, and you can go back and re-record again at any time according to your willingness.


Saving and sharing, the program has the advantage of saving the recorded videos on the selective saving site "internal storage / SD card". Saving is not only the most important feature, but you can share your recorded videos on many important social sites such as: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, IGTV, Facebook ... and other important sites, and you can also send videos through messages to your friends on various social media or phone messages, in addition to sharing these videos directly on all social networking sites.


Professional video editing tools, the screen recorder program includes many tools that you can use when editing the video after recording it, where you can "change the speed - add your favorite music to the video - add wonderful backgrounds to your videos - cut and re-link the parts together - you can adjust the volume in Video - and other important video editing tools.


 Front camera, through the front camera and through the screen recorder application, you can capture your face in the small window and record videos with ease.


Watermark, one of the most important features of the DU Recorder program that distinguishes it from other programs and similar applications is the absence of a watermark that the program adds to the videos that you record, as most programs of this type add a watermark in the name of the program that appears on the video when Its display is what many users, especially professionals, resent and resort to buying paid versions of applications, but with this free program you can get rid of this defect, as it is truly the best screen recording program that you can download.


Support for the Arabic language, one of the most important features of the DU Recorder video screen capture program is its support for the Arabic language, as it supports the Arabic language and many other languages ​​around the world.


Modify photos and videos, the application gives you an important feature, which is the ability to edit your photos and videos that are on your phone before, and you can easily convert the video files you have on the phone into GIF files with ease, in addition to the ability to combine the videos in one video only, and you can do the same The thing with the pictures is the other.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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