Download FaceTime with the latest direct link, for free

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Download FaceTime with the latest direct link, for free


Download the Face Time application for iPhone with a direct link from the Apple Store latest version, the Face Time program for iPhone and Android phones, Face Time is the best voice or video calling program on iPhones with the iOS operating system. All iPhone users use the application continuously to communicate, voice and video calls with their friends easily. Face Time maintains the picture and sound quality in an impressive way, so it is the best calling program. Face Time app needs a very simple internet connection in order to make the call normally, and you can call anyone through the roaming package without problems.


The Face Time application was released in 2010, anyone can make a call with a maximum of 32 people per call. In recent months, many companies conduct interviews and meetings through the FaceTime application. The application is only available on iPhones and is not available on Android phones or phones. On Google Play Store.


Download the Face Time application for Android and iPhone


After downloading the FaceTime application on your mobile phone, you will start to create an account through an email and a password assigned to the application. The application will obtain your contacts and show you the contacts that have the FaceTime application on their mobile phone, by clicking on the name you will see a side page for contact Call Voice or video call.


Apple has designed the application so that it becomes similar to the main call program in your mobile phone, meaning if you open the contact from the main contact list and click on the name of a person who owns the FaceTime application, the Face Time app icons will appear for you to complete the online call through the application Also, while making an audio call through the slide, you will see a FaceTime icon above the Call Close tab, to contact the person with the Face Time feature, close the regular call and use the Internet.


Features and features of Face Time download for iPhone and Android


Face Time is 100% free, and you don't need to pay any money to download the app from the App Store.


Face Time does not take up much of your mobile internal storage.


Face Time does not need a high internet speed to use the application and make voice or video calls.


Face Time saves battery due to the iPhone's application programming system that conserves power and battery capacity.


The application is constantly updated on the App Store, the application is designed and developed by Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone phones as well.


Face Time is available on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and the Apple Watch as well.


Face Time is available in Arabic, as well as in English, French, Spanish, and Turkish.


The ability to call anyone who has an iPhone and activate FaceTime for free communication and calls via the Internet.


The application maintains the picture and sound quality in a distinctive way that is not available in any other call applications.


The FaceTime application does not consume much of the package’s capacity or the Internet, the application is provided and suitable for packages.


The feature of searching for contacts through the smart search bar at the top of the application.


Putting new stickers and filters in Face Time to add a humorous character to calls with your friends and colleagues.


The ability to communicate with people on your MacBook or computer, from your phone you can communicate with anyone easily.


Ease of communication through the Siri voice system, with voice commands, say FaceTime and mention the name of the person you want to call, select if you want a voice or video call, and Siri will do the rest of the task automatically.


The ability to send your personal location to your friends through the FaceTime application for easy communication and meeting between you.


The ability to send instant pictures through the phone's camera, or easily send pictures from the phone's gallery.


There is no limited number of free calls or minutes on FaceTime like some Internet calling programs.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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