Download Glow Hockey game with the latest direct link

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Download Glow Hockey game with the latest direct link


Download the table hockey game for Android and iPhone directly with the latest version of Glow Hockey, one of the light and entertaining games that also appeared many years ago in the form of a wooden table with two different pieces and a ball in the center of the table, and many international and international tournaments were held for it as well, but despite It's easy to play and Glow Hockey's mechanic is very easy to play but needs focus and control on the table to win.


So after downloading the glow hockey game on the phone, beware of random movements because you may hit a target at your target unintentionally, and hockey is one of the games that support one player with the artificial intelligence feature of the game, or two players on the same device, but this matter of course is relatively difficult despite The game supports multi-touch, in addition to that, you can control the shape of the table and your pieces for you and the other player, the shape of the ball and everything, all this and more you will find inside a small and light game in addition to many other features and characteristics that we will list in detail in the following paragraphs.


Free download Glow Hockey game for Android and iPhone latest version


Download the latest version of Glow Hockey for iPhone and Android with a direct link, Natenai Ariyatrakool has launched a game of Glow Hockey since the beginning of 2011, almost in line with the current technological era that has turned everything into a mini-game integrated into your phone, and many people from different countries of the world have already gathered around it, Because it is one of the most famous global games, and it was released purely for free and in a very small size and very light so that it does not affect the phone's resources even if you leave it in the background.


The glow hockey game includes many different modes, ranging from easy to crazy in the degree of difficulty, to choose what you want according to your skills and abilities, in addition to a special section for tournaments that you can run many levels inside, provided that the game is kept for reference at any time, It also supports many different table shapes and pieces so that you don't get bored of the single table shape.


The hockey game is based on several simple foundations, the most important of which is focus and try to control the ball by hitting it towards the opponent's goal and standing on your goal to protect it well, as you will be in this match the defender, the striker and the goalkeeper, and one of the unique characteristics of the game is also the vibration feature whenever a goal is scored on the table , With results displayed next to the table. For more information on hockey, you can read more on Wikipedia.


Features and characteristics of Glow Hockey game


The game includes many advantages, despite the availability of many hockey games on official stores, but this game topped the download ratios and the first search ranks, perhaps due to the following:


Simple and easy gameplay and control style based on the skill of the player.


Glow hockey is a light game that supports many operating systems in addition to supporting all modern and old versions as well.


It supports multi-touch feature, so you can play with another real person next to you for more excitement and fun.


There are many different shapes of table and game pieces so that you do not get bored while playing.


The ability to run many tournaments on levels of difficulty starting from the first level.


To download the game for Android from the Play Store


To download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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